Virus as Art Exhibit Tours the U.S. and Denmark
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I Love You rev.eng explores the world of viruses, the hacker culture and the aesthetics in programming code. The world tour opens in Rhode Island in the United States on Sept. 11, then travel to Copenhagen, Denmark.  

From Wired News:

"A major art exhibit exploring the beauty of programming code and the ugly ways in which some people use it will begin its world tour in September.

First presented in May 2002 in Frankfurt, Germany, under the name I Love You Computer_Viren_Hacker_Kultur, the show that will be on display this autumn in the United States and Denmark is a brand new variant, in the spirit of the computer viruses that it documents.

The show makes a sharp distinction between hackers and virus creators and those who deliberately release viruses in the hopes of mucking up as many computers as possible.

Visitors to the exhibit will get a close-up view of the trouble a malicious virus writer can cause. One section of the show, dubbed "The Zoo," will feature a dozen non-networked terminals that visitors can infect with an assortment of viruses in order to observe what malware does.

I Love You rev.eng will be shown at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island, from Sept. 11 to Oct. 4 and then from Oct. 7 to Nov. 14 at the Museum for Communication in Copenhagen, Denmark. Those who cannot attend a showing in person will be able to visit the exhibit virtually. Starting Sept. 10, the site will be updated with videos, images and information." news article
Online exhibit at
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attack-kitten Photographer
Appropriate that there's an online version...I wonder if somebody will hack it. :D
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tigr3ssProfessional Digital Artist

The poems are good
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To Providence! (and church) :sprint:
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Looks so cool. Wish I could see it, but its all the way across the country..
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Looks so cool. Wish I could see it, but its all the way across the country..
cheese-cube's avatar
Does it go to Australia? I looked at the website and it looks awesome!
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what a great idea for a show I had thought of something similar but totally diferent in its originality.
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whohoo!! something in little denmark...i'm going!! any1 need a ride??
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bunjiProfessional Digital Artist
Wow. You are right. Something actually happening in denmark *Gets a stroke* ... Well then, as a dane, i guess it's a must to check it out! :D

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sounds interesting indeed, i wish i could visit
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sounds interesting. would we be able to meet some of our.... favorite... virus programmers? and maybe.. y'know... beat the crap out of them?
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a virus on display, hmmm, wierd. well ima mac user so I dont worry about viruses
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untrendyHobbyist Traditional Artist
Looks interesting. I am going to try and go to this. Thanks for the heads-up :highfive:
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Wow, I'd love to go see that exhibit.
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Frankfurt, he? Thats not that far for me and I loved the read on their website. Very interesting stuff and unique exhibition concept.
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Lostgears Digital Artist
It is coming anywhere near California? :please:
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Hey! Something happening in Denmark! And.. Actually I might be in Copenhagen in the upcoming vacation, awesomeness

Thanks for the notification :)
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scoota269Hobbyist Photographer
That's a fantastic idea for an exhibition. I would love to be able to check that out.
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This is very cool, i wish i could go to this exhibit.
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