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Ben Tennyson aka Ben 10

Now that's what i'm talking about!! XD It's been SOOOOOO long since i've used paints and i still got it baby ;)

So yeah, this is Ben Tennyson from the awsome series Ben 10 ^^
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That is a really good drawing of him.
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seek my ben 10 alien force fusion fall
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seek my ben 10 alien force fusion fall
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good i like it so much
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That's perfect!!! Favoriting!!!
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OMG how...thats awsome! deffo a fave :D:heart:
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I have that pose on one of the DVDs from the series collection and my Ben 10 mug which I got for Christmas
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wow, can i request a pic(reply bak)
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Looks like he's going XLR8 :p Nice work! Tho the black things underthe eyes make him look kinda evil. <_<
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That's a very good pic of him!
Love how you did the pose, coloring, and what not.
Great job!
That's AMAZING!!!!!!!!! I wish I could draw like that!
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I have seen that pose before but can't remember.

Anyway not bad, you capture well on drawing Ben and the coloring looks good. I suggest you don't quit coloring like this so you don't lose much on that skill and try to evolve it more.
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