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By Ikke46
GF2, with the Stephanie6 skintexture...

Thanks in advance for comments, watching and Faves :boogie: :D
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tats2's avatar
Stunning, excellent skin texture
Ikke46's avatar
Gia 6 has a great skintexture, much details on the skin.
Thanks Jan :blowkiss:
armieri's avatar
Great pin-up, skin looks amazing
Ikke46's avatar
Thank you very much :D :D
anne1956's avatar
Great realistic render!
Ikke46's avatar
Thank you very much :D :nod:
ShadowedGaze's avatar
Beautiful realism. Love the pose and lighting!! Excellent image!
Ikke46's avatar
Thank you so very much :hug: :D
AOGRAI's avatar
Nice texture
Ikke46's avatar
Thanks so much Yaz...this is oldie Gia6, but she has one of the best skintextures of the "6" generation :D
AOGRAI's avatar
Yeah I know! O by the way RC chap 2 out
Ikke46's avatar
I am gonna take a look, thanks :D :D
AOGRAI's avatar
Thank you. Lemme know if this is better than Tokyo Ghoul stuff I did.
this is stunning :) .... really hope to see more pictures of her in the future :) 
Ikke46's avatar
Maybe i will make more, who knows :D :D
Thanks so much :D
mbinz's avatar
excellent skin texture and the lighting shows it off well! `¬)
Ikke46's avatar
Thank you so very much Mbinz :D :D
beautiful and sexy and nice, love it
Ikke46's avatar
Thanks so very much :boogie:
Livius70's avatar
Wow, I think this is one of your most sensual and (tasteful) erotic render to date, Rian ! LoveHeart
Cathia is simply gorgeous; I love her body and face morphs (I think I recognize a bit of Olympia 6 in there), the warm and slightly darker tinge of her skin, her right hand delicate pose, her red/pink gold jewels and her wild mane of hair.
Also, the green-blue nebula in the background looks like an aura or halo around her head, making Cathia look like some kind of Cosmic Goddess.
An absolutely admirable and adorable art-work, Rian ! Clap Clap Clap +favlove
Ikke46's avatar
Thanks so much for the detailed comment :hug: You are right, i used some Olympia6 here, and a bit of V6 also, and some little other morphs...I must say that i already loved this skintexture, but after this render, i am totally in love with it, and will use it much more!!
Livius70's avatar
Always a pleasure ! :)
Enchanted-April's avatar
Really wonderful. Skin, muscels, pose, light! Love these dimples on the lower back very much ;-)
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