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Still busy with out new flat, i´m tired living out of boxes...piece by piece...

New work...some maps and some shoddy looking ideas for warhammer 40k money. Actually i would like to play dark heresy, but i think my timetable is far too stretched. And theres the point...if i stopped doing stupid stuff like watching tv i would have time to play, right ?
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well if you can find a good GM Dark Heresy is a lot of fun. i just started playing it, so it interesting timing that you said something about it.. epically because i had never heard of it a few weeks ago....

btw, don't charge a lord of change. it might bye your comrade time to run, but you will die. kinda of a lame deal.... but i bought my next character two levels XD

also wouldn't some imperial money be like, plastic card chips? on a higher tech planet?
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Yeah, the power level of a dh character isn´t too high. I just read the rules briefly (was more into its background first).

Different money would lead to problems seen on a galactic scope. For higher security i would suggest electronic cash. For relatively small sums paper money (with added sci-fi security features) would be sufficient.

Just imagine someone wanted to pay you for something with plastic dollar chips ;-) It´s not his fault if you don´t know it, right ?
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well you cant have a base currency for a entire galaxy, they cant standardize it that well...

hehe " what do you mean they are worthless???"
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Standardization worked for ships, vehicles, weapons, buildings...why shouldn´t it work for currency?
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well, its only standardized to a point, and many of the systems/Segmentums have very different equipment, ships and vehicles. it more like, just abotu every Segmentum has a las rifle as the IG base weapon, but they can be different.

from what i have read in fluff ( might be out dated by now...) its not uncommon for each system to have a different currency, and only when dealing with out side trading/IG pay, extra do they use the imperial.. uhh... credit?

at lest that's my understanding, it could be out dated or totally wrong...
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You´re right, it´s pure speculation. If your game gets more colorful with additional currencies, do it ;-)
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like crazy man.. crazy.....

however a chain blade bayonet always makes me smile... especially when i get to saw a cultist in half...

nothing like a guard bayonet charge...
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