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Warhammer 40,000 Galaxy Map

A map of the fictional milky-way of the Warhammer 40,000 - Universe. Base image is from Nasa, the research for background info from the game is still progressing.
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Is there any version of this map with Cicatrix Maledictum?

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I thought the Eye of Terror bigger
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Pretty impressive work here mate, keep it up. 
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Ahhhh neat. This'll be pretty useful for a few ideas I've got. Not to use the image, just as a reference for certain locations. Tohugh if I might use it, I'll ofcourse be sure to ask.

Well done though man, can't be easy to do!

I personally love Warhammer 40K, not much for the tabletops stuff since I don't have 50 dollars to kill, but I'm a big lover of the games... well namely just the DoW ones since I love strategy.

Totally love this! :D
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Very nice, love the detail put into this.
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OMG this is great *Q*
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what is that "storm of the Emperor's wrath"?

I'm making my own system, so can I use part of that map? With links to you and that :D
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Oh that's when the Emperor got angry and decided to destroy a fleet with his mind, while on his death bed.
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A work of beauty and magnificence sir, absolutely fantastic!
I remember finding this someplace ahwile ago, only one was able to mouse over each location and information about it (historic events, tactical info, etc) would appear. Do you know what happened to that version?
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Leviathan has almost reached Holy Terra...
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Now this is a great map! Though, on an interesting side note, I saw another version on 1d4chan, which had a number of planets that were...not supposed to exist, let's put it that way :D But again, great job!
Here's a new 40k star map here

Fantastic map, love the detail, very accuruate. Thanks for the redirection.
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Tanith is a dead world
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That's awesome! Are you still working on it? Have you seen this map?
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This is a very nice piece of work!
I absolutely LOVE the lore of fictional universes like this!

How close are you to being done with mapping this out?

I SO want to make a poster out of it!
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I have already used this as a writing resource to find out where different imperial and Eldar worlds are to show things to my friend. I know its a little late but great upload :)
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Very impressive map! Thanks!
For the Greater Good!
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massive and impressive -great game resource too
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Very impressive piece of work (I just discovered it on a search).
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Great quality put into this, bro. Keep it up! :)
man i never realised how small tau empire is
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