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Tau Manta Crash Site

By ikkaan
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Created out of boredom and a lot of images to play with.

Depicts a crashed tau manta bomber.
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© 2008 - 2021 ikkaan
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I love fluff like this.  Magnificent work.
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The Manta isn't really a bomber. It's more of a dropship and super-heavy attack aircraft
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Nicely done. :+fav:

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Sweet! Really cool idea too!
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very nicely done! I really like the way you did the furrow it dug as it skidded. I would imagine there might be a bigger debris field in it's wake though, as bits were sloughed off as it slid ;)
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Thats was done quickly with some inspiration, so it lacks details.
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is this space footage from a shuttle or something you have drawn on a computer program?
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The footage is from a mars survey....the crash path was added via photoshop.
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I love this! As others have said, it's a perfect recon image, especially one that could be taken from a Remora drone.

That would serve as a great objective marker for Tau players
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dude when players are getting handouts that are of game book page quality they must go crackers.
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Thats probably the most positive feedback i ever got
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Haven't you created any other of these?!
ikkaan's avatar block since a long time. I could do such stuff if i had ideas.
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Neat. I did something like this once, I made "satellite Imagery" for a rpg I was DM'ing. I used a lot of aerial photographs of alaska and other areas to make an imaginary research facility in siberia. It was rather neat, but the game died off after a single session (2 people didn't show up at all and there was a Leeroy Jenkins in the group who got everyone killed deliberately.).
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I´ll try to clean the manta crash site up....still not satisfied with the scratches....

But generally, players don´t always have aerials at hand, but as a handout it´s always a blast.
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