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Imperial 1000 Credit Bill

By ikkaan
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good work but need a little adjust, the imperium currency are Thrones and not credit,verify if you want, then was a really good idea
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You need to do Ork cash too. Hint: they use their teef.
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Might be a nice handout for a roleplaying session. But what should the players buy for it?
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Anything orks love would work, though probably something highly combustible, explosive, and/or radioactive like fuel or mercenaries (yes, I believe orkish mercenaries fit all of the above categories). You could also try to buy loot and plunder off of them from ravaged worlds. Rogue Traders would also probably be willing to do a currency exchange if they were trying to scrape up enough currency for trading in orkish space. The problem is that ork teeth are perishable and are thus hard to find anywhere that there aren’t orks. As far as role-playing, you could have someone trying to buy up teeth in an area, someone cloning teeth to screw with the “economy” of an ork world, someone figuring out how to preserve ork teeth to do the same. They could be treasure, contraband, commodity, war trophy, cult focus, or plot point.
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1000 Credit bill and the Emperor. Haven't seen them but I know they exist! *Drum roll*

Ahem, anyways... Great job :D
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i like it, the emperor is a nice touch. The thing is, ive always thought of imperial currency as coins and metal slates.
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