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Chaos City with Labels

By ikkaan
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A quick doodle on a chaos city with a few labels. Unlabeled Version follows.
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Pardon me, but shouldn't this chaos city be a bit more disorganized?

I've always imagined it as a hellish place, where houses are blown up daily by drunk, warp-high, sad, angry or depressed traitor marines.

It's not like the governor will take high credit for making every hut stand up in a "C" pattern.
The Gods of Chaos would've appreciate a more palpable sacrifice. Such as slaughter, war or mass-rape.

But great idea, anyway.
Love the chaos star altar thing.
Looks great at night.
And the anti-air batteries shooting upwards.
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My idea was more along the lines of a city that is permanently occupied, maybe in a remote planetary system that is not of interest to the imperium. So, the layout was the idea of the previous inhabitants (xenos ?), not neccesarily the warlords.
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What sort of xenos would lay their city in a perfect C design?
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Actually, the design makes the city quite defensible. it is even on all sides, save one, so there is only one particularly advantageous direction of attack from the ground. Also, shielding for orbital bombardments would be easier to maintain if the city had a regular layout.
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cool, tho the anti air fire looks a bit... plastic. Could use some blur, transparency and brightness.