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119 SKG Panthera - DECEASED

By Ikiuni
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:new: Panthera is now deceased as Nordanner. Otherwise she is very alive and kicking. XD Sorry for the confusion.

The ID and geno (including slots) have been sold to NikkiiQ, and will be transferred to Drakes. Panthera's design (and name) will stay with me. The "Drake-Panthera" will be renamed and designed.

New non-Nordanner ref (design, name):

New Drake form (ID, geno, slots):

:star: SKG Panthera :star:

ID: 119
Breed: Pure Nordanner
Gender: Mare
Age: 14 years
Height: 17.1HH

Geno: ee Aa FwnFwn
Color: Chest Fawn

------------------------------------------ SSS: starter
----------------- SS: starter
------------------------------------------ SSD: starter
Sire: starter
------------------------------------------ SDS: starter
----------------- SD: starter
------------------------------------------ SDD: starter
------------------------------------------ DSS: starter
----------------- DS: starter
------------------------------------------ DSD: starter
Dam: starter
------------------------------------------ DDS: starter
----------------- DD: starter
------------------------------------------ DDD: starter

:star: Breeding Slots :star:

:bulletblack: = used breeding slot
:bulletpurple: = unused breeding slot

:bulletblack: 1. HorseGeek1997 USED
:bulletblack: 2. Nomezy93 USED
:bulletblack: 3. blaine-rr USED
:bulletblack: 4. Ikiuni USED
:bulletblack: 6. MissStylish USED
:bulletblack: 5. KonaKinz USED
:bulletblack: 7. SilmesDragonStable USED
:bulletblack: 8. ZombieOverLoad USED
:bulletblack: 9. BlackGlassButterfly USED
:bulletblack: 10. TsonianFieldsRanch USED

Proof of EB status.
:bulletblack: 11. Ikiuni USED
:bulletblack: 12. Kryptic-Stable-Nordy (breeding exchange (Anya)) USED
:bulletblack: 13. JC-Nordanner/joesse USED
:bulletblack: 14. soulswitch USED
:bulletblack: 15. xoSapphy USED
:bulletblack: 16. Ikiuni USED
:bulletblack: 17. BrindleTail/NorthEast-Stables USED
:bulletblack: 18. Ikiuni USED
:bulletblack: 19. ThatDenver USED
:bulletblack: 20. Ikiuni USED

Extra slots:

Dragon Hunt 2013: Results + Note
:bulletblack: 21. RidgewayRanch USED
:bulletblack: 22. abosz007 USED

Proof of extra slot
:bulletblack: 23. EmeraldTheWoof USED

:star: Offspring :star:
:bulletblue: = colt/stallion/gelding
:bulletpink: = filly/mare

1. 314
2. 395
3. 378
4. 55
5. 1240
6. 1284
7. 1207
8. 1718
9. 4260
10. 5999

11. 6057
12. 3566
13. 4771
14. 3170
15. 4460
16. 4032
17. 4447
18. 6472
19. 6432
20. 7714

21. 9082
22. A1339

23. A5369

© Art by Heidi M. (Ikiuni)
No refs used
© Design by BaliroAdmin
© Breed belongs to Cloudrunner64
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© 2012 - 2021 Ikiuni
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Foal ID A5369 (I'm in the process of designing it ^^)
Ikiuni's avatar
Thank ou for the ID. :3
TheMs0kitty's avatar
Just to let you know, 9936 Swagalicious to the Max (one of Panthera's descendants) is now officially Quality Blood, giving you an extra +2 lineage kaaring.
Ikiuni's avatar
Thank you for letting me know and congrats. :D
TheMs0kitty's avatar
No problem and thank you!
theliondemon-kaimra's avatar
thought i would let you know one of there family is now Quality Blood his name is 8585 Silver Surfer
Ikiuni's avatar
Congrats, and thank you for letting me know. ^^
theliondemon-kaimra's avatar
thank you ^_^ and its np
RidgewayRanch's avatar
Finished the Breeding pic: fav.me/d7lmfsq :D
Ikiuni's avatar
Thank you. :D Feel free to use the breeding. :)
Ikiuni's avatar
So cuuuuute. :la:
MiscNapier's avatar
BVS-Isle's avatar
descendant that is now registered quality blood: bvs-isle.deviantart.com/art/56…
Ikiuni's avatar
Thank you. ^^
TsonianFieldsRanch's avatar
Her son, Fury: fav.me/d6jomdw Thank you sosososo much again for letting me have him! :hug:
Ikiuni's avatar
Thank you. ^^ Gorgeous foal - and a great ID! XD
TsonianFieldsRanch's avatar
Thank you!! :D I adore him. :love: And I know, I liked it. XD
TsonianFieldsRanch's avatar
TFR Flower Power 3268, one of her descendants, has reached 200 Kaaring. :D

Also, I got the Breeding Picture for her and Folly done. :D Her colors came out funny, and I apologize. Q.Q I couldn't get a good picture of her without the watermark. :giggle: Is it okay?
Ikiuni's avatar
Oh that breeding pic is great, thank you. :3
TsonianFieldsRanch's avatar
Thank you for the opportunity! :D
Wise-Squirrel-Stable's avatar
WB Little Miss Black and White, one of this horse's descendants, has reached 5 stars, so your horse gets +2 to their kaaring :dummy:

Ikiuni's avatar
Congrats. :3 And thank you for letting me know. :3
Wise-Squirrel-Stable's avatar
Your welcome :3

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