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Pinkie's Gala Dress Vector

By ikillyou121 PSD download link:

I'm re-making (or rather re-mastering) the first 4 pony pictures I ever made on here. They were uploaded almost a year ago!

4th and final vector out of the 4 that I've made is Pinkie Pie :iconpinkiepiesmileplz:
All of my Vectors / LineArts / backgrounds in my gallery are free and available to use without needing to ask for permission. I'd like to see what you can do with them though so be sure to link or mention me if you do use them :)
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Can i use it please
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I'm gonna use this for an album cover, and I'll credit you in the description and leave a link back here.
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:iconpinkiepiesmile: Used your vector and credited you. Used for a HUGE Pinkie outfit compilation; take a look [link] :iconpinkiegalaplz:

Thanks! :iconhappytsplz:
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I love her shoes! =D
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what kind of hat is Pinkie wearing?
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I'm not sure what they're called but it's tiny :p
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Like a fez of sime kind.
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[link] heres my drawing of the vector ^.^
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Since you made the new version, can I draw this one on the paper? :D I'll gove credit :3
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Looks even cuter from a distance!
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