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Flitter Vector

By ikillyou121
A vector of Flitter :iconflitterplz: PSD download link:
All of my Vectors / LineArts / backgrounds in my gallery are free and available to use without needing to ask for permission. I'd like to see what you can do with them though so be sure to link or mention me if you do use them :)
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Awensome Job on her, I loved it
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Wow muy good she is so beautiful I like Calibri is overjoyed [icon]
Heya, thanks for giving permission to use this! I recently started a blog called Cloudchaser and Flitter Explain, which uses emoticons of various vectors of the aforementioned pegasi ladies talking about various aspects of the MLP:CCG. Sinc eyou asked, you can find a link to that here: cloudchaserandflitterexplain.t… though I can't promise when I'll actually get around to using this particular vector. I'll probably try to use as many new ones in my collection as possible in the next couple weeks, though.

Thanks again for the vector, I hope what I do with it lives up to your expectations :)
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You're welcome dude.
HappyHippoAdopts's avatar
Can i use? i will credit you ofcourse :)
xXOffOnATangentXx's avatar
Can I use this, please?
No profits will be made and you will be fully credited.
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yeah, of course :)
Lots-of-adoptables's avatar
I love it how Flitter has obvious eyebrows C:
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Heh, I love Flitter.
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Dude they used your vector on MLP Forums! It's up all for this week, so hurry!
ikillyou121's avatar
I noticed :p I just wasn't sure if it was my vector or someone else's.
DragonshyArt's avatar
Let's just say it was yours. :)
DragonshyArt's avatar
Do you have an account there? I'm Dragonshy. :)
ikillyou121's avatar
yeah :) I'm Josh on the mlpforums.
x-PinkamenaPie-x's avatar
Could I use this vector for a 3D paper model? (Like the ones in :iconmy-paper-ponies:)
ikillyou121's avatar
Sure thing! I'd love to see this as a paper model :iconhappytwilightplz:
Morningstar-1337's avatar
Reskined the vector here [link] Hope it's allright
Morningstar-1337's avatar
I'm gonna use use this if you don't mind
Littelpan's avatar
I'm so sorry, I found this picture on google and I put it as my profile picture, now that I know I'll give you credit in sig. Or even take it of if you like! :/
ikillyou121's avatar
Nah, I uploads vectors purely for other people to use :)
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