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So, uh... I guess I decided I didn't want this place to be abandoned after all. So...hi guys!

As the (huge) watermark informs, this was done last year, but I felt like submiting it now. Not the sort of thing I usually do but yeah. Just to let you know I'm alive and intending to be back.

I'm sorry about all the drama in the last journal. Really am.

(Can't find the .psd file, so the watermark will have to remain like this. Too bad.)

PSCS 3, Wacom Intuos 3. Ref used for the owl.

(I love love love owls.)
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A very nice use of colours. The bright pink catched my attention when I was browsing deviations. White outlines are also quite nice looking (I didnt realise them at first) It gives a nice sticker kinda feeling on the lil owl and the branch it is sitting on :)
MoodyFirefly's avatar
So cute!
I like this colors on picture! :D
Aku-Demy's avatar
Wow this is intense!! I love it. The colors are just amazing!!
ayuICHI's avatar
SOOOOOOO CUTE OMG :0 I love owls <3
PaulaMela's avatar
So... cute! And the colours are really pretty!
Celsa's avatar
Love the colors, and the beautiful simplicity :love:
A-Xofia's avatar
oh the cutenesss *it burnsss*
a serio como é que consegues fazer estas coisasd fofas tãoi expressivas sem usares lineart >_< pro you...
Annerhcp's avatar
I'm really glad to see you're back! And I love the owl <3 The colours are stunning
Siggiday's avatar
I positively LOVE this.
TisheenaManzana's avatar
So happy to see you again. You are probably one of the less artists that are worth here, to me. Seriously~
I love owls too, so cool ♥
Kuthinks's avatar
This is COOL!
Check out that pink! White stroke effect is interesting. :+fav:
Yuleby's avatar
Aww~ it looks so fluffy :3
LtlDevil's avatar
coisinha mais fofa!^^
Calvirick's avatar
I like that owl. He's cool!
cuuuuttteee. glad you decided not to abandon us after all!
RoxyKatz's avatar
i love owls!!! omg he's soooo cute :D great work :3
Kieke-boe's avatar
Beautiful and soft. I love the colours and it's just adorable beyond words ^_^ I'm glad you're sticking around. :hug:
murrano's avatar
Very nice:)
Looks like a very tender and romantic owl:)
OneManDraw's avatar
Feel free to show your love to owls as many times as you want! Because This one Rox at least as much as your usual art! With all kind of colors !
Wow, I feel like drawing owls for ya now... But time is missing for me currently. -__-
citybear's avatar
im glad yer back <33
this picture is sososo beautiful
the colors and everythiing <333
ParanoiaCookie's avatar
MissIfa's avatar
OMG! the owl looks cute enough to squish! nice! simple & nice!!
ScarletSteak's avatar
welcome back! <3
in great style I'd say.
TenderlySharp's avatar
Lovely color and texture.
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