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Random from Inspire.

The king's journey : The world's roots by AnatoFinnstark The king's journey : The world's roots :iconanatofinnstark:AnatoFinnstark 447 19 The Photographer and the Art by jlxp The Photographer and the Art :iconjlxp:jlxp 63 17 on the left side by Man90Ray on the left side :iconman90ray:Man90Ray 100 7 Silence around by augenweide Silence around :iconaugenweide:augenweide 148 17 Heart of Taiga by JoeyJazz Heart of Taiga :iconjoeyjazz:JoeyJazz 1,065 63
a gift of breadcrumbs
in all but
the ways
that I
have pictured you
not ocean-starved
shaking off
the years (the fog)
for all
that you
would that I
could will you
teach sleep
to a
at most
I am a
enchanted by
of form
a language
between us
:iconyouinventedme:YouInventedMe 80 40
water and fire by lubo-09 water and fire :iconlubo-09:lubo-09 430 67 calendar cover by anteaterand calendar cover :iconanteaterand:anteaterand 15 5 ice by JuhaniViitanen ice :iconjuhaniviitanen:JuhaniViitanen 336 29 Winter Shine by FlorentCourty Winter Shine :iconflorentcourty:FlorentCourty 630 51 Evening crown by xrust Evening crown :iconxrust:xrust 300 18 The Tree Line by CaseyNealArtwork The Tree Line :iconcaseynealartwork:CaseyNealArtwork 26 2
the leaves of my heart can fall away too
my chest knocks
but no one answers;
on lonely nights i
write you into poems
and you,
foggy-eyed and
morningmad and silent,
look at me like something you could love
and walk away.
at dawn i’ll
hold my heart above the sink
like splitting pomegranate,
feel your weight inside my lungs
as a scream;
i tried to pull the dark from your eyes
and make a sky of it,
breathe you full of love-stars
before summer’s end
but i saw that lewd hand of autumn
grab a fistful of tree
and yank the head back,
scattering hair.
each crunching leaf sends me into shivers-
(such a relief for the heart
to hear something else breaking.)
:iconmercury-the-queen:Mercury-the-Queen 69 48
Sustenhorn night by xrust Sustenhorn night :iconxrust:xrust 360 25 A Surreal Shark Walks Into A Room by rev3rsed-singularity A Surreal Shark Walks Into A Room :iconrev3rsed-singularity:rev3rsed-singularity 86 23 The king's journey : Crown of Thorn by AnatoFinnstark The king's journey : Crown of Thorn :iconanatofinnstark:AnatoFinnstark 868 24

Random from DDs I Featured

the shut-in
where are these keyholes to the Equinox? the stars huddle
like alien nettle,
a gray chime of wrens scaling tree limbs and middays,   
Darwin has no lines for me
to speak
i've sheetrocked the blistering ivies and blossoms.
i've glassed out daubers and frightening mollusks
pillowing through mud honey and minute old ruins.
intimate with my quiet desk, my paper hoard
i'm still a coward; the envelopes, Obama glass, the dozen unused spiral
diaries are menacing concoctions, minotaurs of lost dimensions.
i used to sleep in creek-beds.
:iconspoems:spoems 106 78
a long awaited return.
It was raining when we landed.
A shock
to our sun-drenched systems,
stumbling with snatched-
away sleep.
Another bus, another train
whirring upon endless tracks.
We run, we flee through foreign streets –
disdainful eyes stare on,
watching fugitive
outsiders -
desperate for a taste
of home.
:iconlychalis:Lychalis 124 22
One Day I Shall Lay Down And Die
one day i shall lay down and die
and so for now here is my kiss, my golden-ness,
my forehead pressed against yours
like two strange animals lost on a plain of
red sand. one day i shall lay down and die so
now here, let these birds pick me apart,
show you it all, the torn underwear
and the girl gazing at the soft glow
on trees, the ferocious lion-love
weeping under the kitchen table. one day
i shall lay down and die
so for now i feast on beaches, your breath,
the flutter of my dress sore against my skin
someday i will find that peace,
plant a spring-flower deep in my heart, land one last cool kiss
on the bow of your mouth and slip away, i know that one day
i will lay down and die but for now
feel your fingers spread across my heart,
feel my roar in the night
:iconemilygolightly:emilygolightly 323 50
Jadis (excerpt)
Excerpted from my book Her Unwelcome Inheritance, a story about Faerie, going off to school, family tensions, and what to do when people you respect reveal that they believe in something absurd and impossible.
She was burning
Burning behind walls of ice
Grey was on her lips, on her bare throat, on her exposed arms. Her eyes were glassy, the pupils fallen as if grown weary of staring straight ahead, and had, as the centuries passed, slid imperceptibly downward.
Her hands rested in her lap, grey with grey nails. Nothing set her apart from the hundreds on hundreds of other figures sitting in that crowded room, grey and still, clad in clothes deteriorated to hints of ancient splendor – in all that room only the gold shone unmuted beneath a fine breading of dust. They sat, row upon row, rank succeeding rank, gazing into the dark recession of the vast unlit room before
:iconmrwootton:MrWootton 119 39
blue baby blues
     peacock feathers of smoke
     brush over my calves
     the plumage working its way
     through the stockings & skin
     to nestle into the muscle
     where it will root like an acorn
     and grow into an oaken pair of wings
     to lift my feet from hardwood floors
     so i can dance
     with my knuckles brushing against the ceiling fan
     my heels rocketed from the floorboards,
     crushing my body against the whirling blades
     leaving a tremor that fights my hands
     as i measure tea with tiny metal spoons
     & ease the leaves into a hemp bag
:iconsatah:Satah 131 30
I collect things
they may resemble some of your traits
or be loosely associated to those things
that moved you,
I worship these little cadavers,
they rot out my heart,
send me to an earlier grave.
I collect things
and become them,
dirty artifacts to guide me through
dirty emsembles to bless these
I'm going to get over you
for once and for all
collage new collections
to richer
the consequences.
:iconpiscesandthediamonds:Piscesandthediamonds 181 71
THAT Woman
     First they said, "No wind chimes outside the cottages. Three warnings will be given, then you are subject to eviction."
     My Granny said, "Humph. I like my old bamboo windchime. I can't even reach it no more to take it down. It's gonna stay, dammit, and I will too."
     I told Granny, "Not if they evict you, you won't. I can take it down."
     She looked at me over her reading glasses, with that Look she has.
     "If anyone's evicted, you can go with em, Sonny. I'm stayin put. Me and that damn windchime."
     I said, "Granny, I don't even live here. C'mon. It's just a windchime."
     She said, "And we're just a buncha old senior citizens in a QUOTE retirement community END QUOTE, and I, for one, am gonna keep whatever I want right here. Me included."
     I sighed. I know Gran
:iconxlntwtch:xlntwtch 274 203
having been a baby
I am wine dried
on empty cups, made drunk by
what place the light has ever slept,
ever nestled my hand
as an instrument
in your hand, I can not sleep through a second language
I can not
limit the truth of expanding, of feeling like
the room is happy
to have
:iconlasagnabomb:lasagnabomb 151 40
The Gap - Pages 20 + 21 by Peris-Productions The Gap - Pages 20 + 21 :iconperis-productions:Peris-Productions 800 203
A Meeting
You will notice first, the bone jutting
from my meat, it is called teeth,
These are my lips;
This, like so, is called a smile.
And then there are the fabrications that I wear
The layers of silk, of wool,
of iron air
(indeed there is an air that I am not quite there)
- And feathers I have wrapped into my hair
And Afghan pearls, and finally
My hands, hare-fleet, and meeting
:iconrober2:rober2 159 28
Last week, you showed up with the thunder on my doorstep.
Your voice was so drenched with the rain that I almost didn't recognize the way you said my name. It hung in the air like an incomplete sentence, like something unfamiliar, like you were so lost from trying to find everything we left behind and piece it back together that you couldn't find me in your heart anymore. It was pouring and the power was out and I was so tired of watching the world fall apart from outside my windows that I let you back inside my arms and inside my senses, and your bones were shaking as you clung to me and told me how good it felt to come back home.
There was something forced in our actions, as if we were going through the motions of something we had practiced a hundred times before. Your lips were all orchestrated movements against mine and the arch of your back and shudder of your breath felt rehearsed, so that when you lay tangled and spent in my bedsheets I let my mouth wander the terrain of your sh
:iconsocraticsynapses:SocraticSynapses 308 48
How To Say Goodbye
Dear Unborn Child, Whom I Let Go;
When I was thirteen and four months old, and you were thirteen years younger, I decided to let you go. You squirmed in opposition beneath my ribcage, up against my pelvis, and I licked my lips and tried to smile while I leaned my forehead on the cool glass of the car, hellbound.
I remember sea weed insertion, dilation, cramps and bleeding. Orange smoothies from Dairy Queen that I threw up, and I hoped you were mingling in the remains of my summer day treat, so I could put this behind me. Pretend I was 'moving on'. I laid in the bathtub of a hotel room for six hours, trying to melt you away in scalding water from a rusty tap, yet you clung on, holding tightly to the walls of my pelvic region. Wiggling upwards, towards my throat. Past my teeth. You're trying to get out, but my family has decided you won't breathe when you're released from your bloody shackles; you may as well settle down now, sweet son, settle down.
The rest of this, to me, is a blur. Th
:iconpullingcandy:pullingcandy 907 1,206
Daily Deviations I featured during my time as a volunteer and staff member.

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Hello everyone! We previously posted an update regarding changes that were made in late 2018 regarding how images are processed here on DeviantArt. We're happy to provide another update to the community regarding some of the measures we've taken to fix issues that have been encountered.

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Deviousness Award
A deviant for nine years, ikazon is a monumentally influential member of DeviantArt. A champion of DeviantArt’s literature community, he’s contributed his own writing and journal skins to the community since he first joined DeviantArt. In 2011, ikazon became a Community Volunteer, shining a light on undiscovered pieces in both the DeviantArt related and literature galleries. His dedication to the community quickly made him a beloved figure on DeviantArt. Soon after, in 2012, he was hired as a full-time staff member, where he ran multiple community projects, such as the 2014 and 2015 Valentine’s Day Exchange!

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