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DeviantART is a massive community, with 1.5 million comments contributing to inspirational and stimulating conversations each day. With the sheer amount of interaction taking place at any given time, we want to ensure you can make the most of your conversations, drawing friends in and bringing people together.

Mentions: Connecting People

Mentions are a new, highly requested feature that makes engaging friends and artists in conversation more dynamic than ever before.

What is a Mention?

A Mention is when a deviant’s username, icon, or artwork is included in a comment or Journal. Mentions create links to the deviants or artwork you include, allowing you to highlight artists and engage deviants with ease.

Links to pages on deviantART can quickly be distinguished by their bold, dark-blue color, while external links are darker and have an arrow indicating you are leaving deviantART.

Deviants you mention are notified in the new Mentions section of the Message Center, making engaging and involving others in conversation a simple, hassle-free experience.

How to Mention

There are four ways to mention a deviant.

Displays as
:thumbdeviation id:

(Found on the deviation page.)

Using Mentions Effectively

Mentions can be used to quickly and easily feature artists or help organize events:
  • When submitting artwork in which you’ve used resources to create, you can credit the resource provider in your Artist’s Comments. The deviant will be notified once the artwork is submitted to deviantART.
  • When in the middle of a conversation, you can bring people into a discussion, or reference comments made by another deviant in the midst of that discussion, to get that deviant's perspective as well.
  • When featuring artwork, the featured artists will be notified right when your feature is posted.

Important Notes

  • Mentions notifications are not sent for items located in private areas, such as in or the Admin Areas of Groups.
  • Mentions notifications can be enabled or disabled from the Settings page.
  • Mentions notifications can be disabled for individual deviations. To do so, click the arrow button that appears on the top right corner of a Mentions notification for the deviation you want disabled. From there, select "Ignore future mentions of...", and Mentions will be disabled for that deviation.

Try it now! Share a few kind words about your favorite deviants in the comments below, using @username to mention them!

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Hi there! Thumbcodes don't work anymore, but you can copy and paste a deviation's URL into a comment to share it as a thumbnail. I hope that helps! :)

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What about users? And in journals and status posts?

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You can mention deviants using the @ symbol, followed by their username. If you want to include an avatar in a comment, click the + button at the bottom left part of the comment box, select "Add Emoticon or Avatar", and then select "Avatars" from the menu that appears to either scroll through avatars from deviants you watch or search for a specific icon.

For journals and status updates, the same is true, simply put a link to a deviation in and it will become a thumbnail. If you want to share multiple deviations at once, you can also use the "Add Gallery" tool to create a grid of deviations. I hope that helps! :)

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Hey if I mentioned someone in my about will it be notified to them

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It will not. :)

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Oh okay, thanks.

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I've suddenly thought of a person that tagged me before, and I can't seem to find the user.

Is there a way to search for posts that have tagged you?

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There's no way to search for posts by tag, but if you go to your Notifications page and click on "Removed" at the top right, you can look through old notifications you've received, and it should be there if it was in the last 30 days. I hope that helps! :)

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Thanks! Though it would help a lot of people to be able to search for posts that tag them, in case the are on DA for a long time and need to find a specific post.

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:icon TypicalBro44:

:( not working

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Hi there! This journal is from 2013 and is rather outdated now. You can use @username to tag people, or use the + button on comments and then select "Add Emoticon or Avatar" if you want to add an icon to a comment. I hope that helps! :)

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Hi, any help appreciated, I use pinglists to notify watchers about different things, and they all say they stopped getting notified. I tried everything. I cannot input 50+ people manually through the new icon system (plus people said they don't get pinged through that either). This is one example where I tried both pings in description and in comment section and people didn't get any;

[OPEN] One Day Raffle 20

Thanks in advance for any help... the whole idea of my pinglists falls apart when this isn't working.

And now I also tried to ping with icons here and that also didn't work:

[OPEN] OTA batch 33

Please help if you know how to fix it :(

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(I really wish we could preview comments and deviation posts to avoid tests like these, but oh well I guess)





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Hi there! The preview appears as you comment, the way it looks in the comment box is how it will look when you post :) The :icon: and :dev: codes no longer work, but you can still send mentions (to people other than yourself) using the @ symbol. I hope that helps!

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Testing with @ symbol -> DarkSSJShinji

Testing with old DEV command -> :devDarkSSJShinji:

Testing with old ICON command -> :iconDarkSSJShinji:

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