canyon renga

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two leaves
on the water
slow dancing

through the canyon
the river runs

coyote creep
in the canyon at night
before going home.
like them, I return
to you
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NaPo 2018, Day 20. | Day 19 | Day 21
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A pleasing, clever concept and I appreciate the lovely leaf dancing /canyon reference having lived/spent time in northern New Mexico crossing the Rio Grande every weekday on my way back and forth to work in Taos.  I'm puzzled by this haiku/renga pattern, however.  Not that I'm any expert on any of the eastern forms,  but can you explain what you did?  Or is this simply meant as a 'free form' expression of the art?  
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Hi there! Apologies for the super late reply :oops: The way renga works is that it is a series of haiku/senryu that can also include tanka (which is what the last one is). Generally renga is done between multiple poets, where one writes a haiku, and another writes a haiku in response (and so on), though the term renga can still be used when describing a series of haiku that are interconnected. So in this case, since all three are on the same subject, I group them together as a renga. I hope that clears things up! :la:

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Thank you for this explanation!  How very complex and interesting. And a way to collaborate with other writers, too, which could be great.  I'd heard what you are describing as  interconnected as Interactive Haiku myself, a process I do understand. The inclusion of a tanka seems to make this into a renga, then. I'm assuming. Wink/Razz       
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