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Victory Keep: Chapter 1


Victory Keep: Chapter 1

Edgar stepped into a clearing and found a centaur suckling her child.  He threw his hands over his eyes. 'I am terribly sorry, madam!' 'It's all right.' Her tone was scornful, but with better things to worry about, Edgar did not take it to heart.  He uncovered his eyes.  She was feeding the child like a mare, not a woman, so he felt no need for embarrassment.  He stooped down a little, trying to determine the gender of the young one.  As with foals, it was easy enough to tell. 'What a delightful little boy,' he said. The mother smiled.  'Thank you.' 'Do you mind if I sit down h




You used to show me your skeleton, the secrets inside of you, your marrow. You run, you shut your eyes, now. You shut your eyes at the color of the flowers, the leaves, everything is orange. I am gathering acorns. I am wearing your mask.

Transdimensional Super Team


Transdimensional Super Team

Notice: The full length version of this tale, which is far more palatable, is available right here. The magical computer pool glowed.  We stood around it like gods. "Place your palms upon the unimetriscope," said the man in the top hat.  "Validate your identities to Her Majesty, the Queen of the Multiverse." It all seemed a bit hoity-toity to me, but there's a lot to be said for peer pressure when some extra-dimensional fancypants tells you your "peers" are a lady with wings, a James Bond looking guy, a giant robot, and a little girl and her psychic-bondmate, a white pony.   The guy in the top hat called hims




I. the bright scarlet egg of dawn nests in my head. when it is time, it will crack my skull like a shell and be born. II. I have a witch's fingers and a witch's eyes, rough pewter lenses through which I see the world. I have sabotaged their crops, I have plagued their children, I have eaten their livestock in the night   (so they say) and I hear the whispers in the streets. they will be willing to kill for their conviction, though I am not willing to die for it. III. I am no longer human. I've been branded with an ugly mark of fear and desperation, one terse syllable that cuts like a switch. IV. a thin reddish line




Suspended I like the palms of your hands- dry and static.  I like the palms your mother planted in the front yard when you were five.  They grew more quickly, but you grew healthier- less green. Good thing we planned this exodus into the Dead Sea.   Lucky we cannot help but to float. Something from the sea, the land- they were mockingbirds, weren’t they? This cannot be healthy.   How the hell did my mother manage to sink here like a fish after death?  She claims to have exhaled hard, but my lungs will not compress enough; I cannot let go enough.  Let me tell you something- We should grow gills, individually,




If I regret anything, it is the reticence of birds-- my reticence, the uncertainty of the word "today," which rusts like the flute before Judith one. If there is a time to undress, it is now, but my thoughts close in on me, like a tunnel, and I lose sight of everything except the wind. Beneath it all, my hollow bones are icy blue, each joy expunged-- I feel it keenly, here, and there.
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Hi there! I'm a storyteller of sorts, and a Community Moderator here on DeviantArt! Feel free to say hi, and if you need help with something, send me a note and I'll be happy to help as much as I can.



Hi everyone! It's been some time since I last posted a personal journal, but life finds a way to keep you busy, especially given the countless events of the past few weeks, never mind 2020 as a whole. For my part, I am now living outside of California for the first time since my childhood, which is a big but welcome change, as I'm now living with my fiancé :D The process of doing my daily work here coupled with moving my life and belongings elsewhere has more or less occupied all of my time in recent memory, but I have been around despite that, even if I've been a bit more quiet than usual. How are you all doing? Is July going well so far for you? What's been going on :la:

Found on Newest, Vol. 19

Found on Newest, Vol. 19

One of the most polarizing things about the Newest page is that there's no filter, and that it's literally just deviations right as they're submitted. The bright side to browsing Newest is that you have the chance to run into a variety of good art of...well, anything and everything, really! So, here are some more great works that I've found while browsing Newest!

Deviousness Award

A deviant for nine years, ikazon is a monumentally influential member of DeviantArt. A champion of DeviantArt’s literature community, he’s contributed his own writing and journal skins to the community since he first joined DeviantArt. In 2011, ikazon became a Community Volunteer, shining a light on undiscovered pieces in both the DeviantArt related and literature galleries. His dedication to the community quickly made him a beloved figure on DeviantArt. Soon after, in 2012, he was hired as a full-time staff member, where he ran multiple community projects, such as the 2014 and 2015 Valentine’s Day Exchange!

However, ikazon’s contributions to the community extended past his time as a community volunteer and a staff member. From contributing journal skins to the CalendarProject to leaving encouraging comments for his fellow community members, ikazon’s supporting presence has been felt all across DeviantArt.

We’re proud to name ikazon as the Deviousness Award recipient for March 2016!
Awarded Mar 2016

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XzenArtRBHobbyist Traditional Artist

thank you ikazon😊

RaikaiRan Digital Artist

thank you so much for the watch <3 it really means a lot and keeps me going doing more art :la:

Dankeschön für die Favoriten !!!:)

4-ChapHobbyist General Artist

Hello I would like to have a chat with you.

You and the rest of your crew have left us in the darkness for over a month now. People are now leaving and boycotting the website because of Eclipse.

Here are the reasons on why:

1) You forced the change on us when a lot of us didn't want it.

2) You and the rest of your crew ignored and spat in our faces and you told us lies.

3) It's very user unfriendly

4) There are a lot of bugs and glitches that are still causing troubles and in some cases it fails to load or causes some computers to crash

This is especially unfair to those who don't have high performance internet. And it's also especially unfair to those who like or use older computers or browsers. Because in their cases these problems are much worse.

5) The scammers are worse than ever

6) It's no where near as good as the previous version

The previous version functioned a lot better and that is one of the reasons on why a lot of us want it back.

All of this is the truth about what is really going on and why this chaos has happened.

If you're going to redesign a website there's one big question to be asked. "Will this be better or worse for the users?"

If it's better for the users than you're good to go.

If it's worse for the users which is clearly the case here with Eclipse than you don't do it.

And once again you have clearly forced this change upon us without taking that thought into mind. Which is one of the reasons on why people have been screaming at you for the past month. And your ignorance of our please is also a reason on why.

You have got to stop ignoring us and start listening to us.

So how about you change DeviantArt back to the original/Pre-Eclipse version and make Eclipse an individual stand-alone website and have a different crew run it so it saves you the trouble of handling two websites.

And allow the community to take care of DeviantArt for you? That will lessen the work load for you. And it will make life much easier for both sides.

At the end of the day it's always better to function better than to "look" better.

HU53M4N4New Deviant

Classic's not coming back.

The toggle option would've been too expensive to keep, and it'd be too much work for the staff to run maintenance on both Eclipse and Classic. And what's more, hiring a separate team to run Classic wouldn't be as easy as people seem to think. Also, the green theme this overhaul has harkens back to Classic DA by utilizing its color scheme - a call-back to the nostalgic site that DA used to be, showing that the staff really does care about your concerns. That's why that theme exists.

Something else that's worth mentioning is that this same thing's happened with Classic, too - people were delusionally blabbing that the site would die, and lo and behold - it didn't. People left, people stayed, people joined. This'll happen with Eclipse as well. Also, the staff's dealing with the tremendous amounts of stress from all those bratty, immature, rage-filled comments on that marketing account and their profiles, which is why Eclipse's taking so long to get fixed these days. Oh, and this current version of Eclipse isn't even the final version, and it bears mentioning that Classic's the reason why Eclipse's so buggy, so there you go.

4-ChapHobbyist General Artist

That is just complete and utter nonsense.

The original platform is not the reason on why Eclipse is problematic. It's problematic because of the amount of ram space it takes up and other things. Not, the, original, platform.

The original platform will and must return no excuses otherwise the site will die.

Now I will not argue with you any further so I suggest that you back out of the battle zone.