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My sweet dream by liskaflower, visual art


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Hi there! I'm a storyteller of sorts, and a Community Moderator here on DeviantArt! Feel free to say hi, and if you need help with something, send me a note and I'll be happy to help as much as I can.

This photo is one that I am very proud of. The fact that I'm gay has shaped and guided my life, and where I'm from has played a large part in shaping how I see myself and how I carry confidence in being who I am, so I was happy to capture a place I call home in a way that feels right to me. :createwithpride:
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Hi all! Been a bit since I posted personal stuff, but I realized that I did in fact have something to share! A few friends of mine put together a zine called Kyoto Cryptids about Kyoto and some of the unnatural things you might see when there. It's a collective of fiction, art, and photography, and a few of my photos like the one below are in there as well! You can get a PDF copy of the first issue on Gumroad, so please do check it out! :la:
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It's been several years since I last featured a Daily Deviation, but today I featured one you should read!
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Deviousness Award

A deviant for nine years, ikazon is a monumentally influential member of DeviantArt. A champion of DeviantArt’s literature community, he’s contributed his own writing and journal skins to the community since he first joined DeviantArt. In 2011, ikazon became a Community Volunteer, shining a light on undiscovered pieces in both the DeviantArt related and literature galleries. His dedication to the community quickly made him a beloved figure on DeviantArt. Soon after, in 2012, he was hired as a full-time staff member, where he ran multiple community projects, such as the 2014 and 2015 Valentine’s Day Exchange!

However, ikazon’s contributions to the community extended past his time as a community volunteer and a staff member. From contributing journal skins to the CalendarProject to leaving encouraging comments for his fellow community members, ikazon’s supporting presence has been felt all across DeviantArt.

We’re proud to name ikazon as the Deviousness Award recipient for March 2016!
Awarded Mar 2016

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thank you so much for the fave, much appreciated! :hug:

thanks for the favs..have a good day and stay safe..

thank you so much for the fave:hug:

thank you so much for the fave dear :hug:

Thank you for the Emerald badge for Queens Gardens 1.

Greatly appreciated.

Cheers my friend!

I'm a bulb

:+fav: Most wonderful support - sincere thanks !

Thanks for Emerald Badge! always very kind. Dancing Sun