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This is a project for DeviantART. Other sets might or might not come~ depending on how well this one goes!

1/50 :iconikasama: Me!
2/50 :icontaizen-dd: My lovely Taizen. An excellent writer who frequents the chat rooms and is always helpful.
3/50 :iconfunymony: A hillarious maker of flash videos, throws awesome birthday parties for himself.
4/50 :iconjollyjack: I drew his character Chloe here. Love his style and humour.
5/50 :iconautumn-sacura: I've watched them for a little while and their art is always wonderful to look at.
6/50 :iconkevinbolk: Very cartoony style of art and always funny and creative.
7/50 :iconyuumei: Her art is always drawn beautifuly and almost always carries a deeper message.
8/50 :iconwen-m: This is how I want to draw when I learn how to. (end of story)
9/50 :iconcezkid: Has only been on DA for a year, but his 3d pixel art has made him famous.
10/50 :iconnyu: Lovely kitty cat with another cartoony style. Is amazing at making expressions with a few lines.
11/50 :iconlazymuffin: Another flash artist with a sense of humour. Love his birthday songs.
12/50 :iconbudgie: Their art is absolutally amazing. I usually get to see them at my local con, and even own a few prints.
13/50 :iconraikita: My best friend growing up. I've gotten to see her drawings get better over time!
14/50 :iconspeedblitz99: I find her art is really bright and always sexy.
15/50 :iconpurplekecleon: A very very amazingly good pokemon artist. I love their painted style.
16/50 :iconudonnodu: Her drawing of Stitch got a lot of attention. I had to dig around for this character design. Also has a love for goldfish it seems.
17/50 :iconheronaria: Another amazing writer and my co-admin in the group Deviantart-Lit.
18/50 :iconshika192: Writes and draws for the series of stories called 'Twisted Fates'.
19/50 :iconbri-chan: For her I drew the mad hatter, who seems to be a favourite. Draws a lot of disney related stuff.
20/50 :iconfella: At the time I didn't know this was a group. I wanted to draw Deviantart's mascot :3
21/50 :iconbrokenapollo: Watched this deviant for a long time. I love her style and her character is adoreable. Recently put me in a charity meme 8D
22/50 :iconcoelasquid: Draws manly men! (what more can I say?)
23/50 :iconegoraptor: His style is very distinctive, I find. Probably famous for animating videogame 'guides'.
24/50 :icongoldenwolf: I really wish I could of done this artist more justice with the little pixel person.
25/50 :iconhibbary: Draws amazing animals, including dragons. I didn't really want to do her lynx (fur)persona and liked this one much better.
26/50 :iconhumon: Draws the scandinavia and the world comics as well as different types of races and another comic.
27/50 :iconyaichino: I love their fanart pieces, although the character I used here caught my eye as I browsed their gallery.
28/50 :iconironshod: I had a hard time picking a piece from their gallery, so I just picked their favourite.
29/50 :iconkeysha-chan: I can only wish I was that great with markers.
30/50 :iconinyuo: Draws a lot of fanart as well, so it was hard to pick a character from their gallery (or even get on with drawing it)
31/50 :iconktshy: A storyboard and cartoon artist. I love their use of expression and tried to match their comic pallet.
32/50 :iconmeago: Has a very soft style that I find enjoyable to look at, and a ton of clothing designs.
33/50 :icondani-the-fox: A long time friend who is getting better and better. I drew her Ludo :3
34/50 :iconneoriceisgood: An amazing pixel artist that I would absolutally love to outdo some day. (I mean this in the best of ways)
35/50 :iconorenji-kun: Love, love, love their fanart. Especially of Howl.
36/50 :iconpeppermint-biscuit: Draws comics about college life and does a lot of great cosplays. :D
37/50 :iconqueenofdorks: I really enjoy their style, especially the llamas. (everyone loves llamas)
38/50 :iconraincookie: Their animation is really smooth, I especially love their dance numbers!
39/50 :iconrisachantag: Their drawings are very creative and their cosplay photos are to die for.
40/50 :iconscaff: Even after I said to myself I wasn't going to do fanart.. I have to draw Zelos. THIS IS THE ONLY WAY I KNOW SCAFF.
41/50 :iconsilentreaper: Draws the stupid fox comics. I love that they can draw something adoreable without any words.
42/50 :icondeathguard-jono: Doesn't have anything in their gallery.. but since they're my brother I said they could.
43/50 :iconsnut: Their little animals are just so adoreable. And the fact some of them are animated is even better!
44/50 :iconsonicrocksmysocks: Not only can I agree with their username, their art is everything I love as well.
45/50 :iconspacecoyote: Famous from drawing the simpsons and futurama, but they also do a manga that I would love to read.
46/50 :iconmoosekleenex: Even though their art is a little dark and done in ink or watercolour, it is absolutally worth the look.
47/50 :iconkikariz: Draws a lot of pokemon art, but I've seen a lot of their other stuff up on the front page.
48/50 :iconneondragon: A wonderful wonderful fantasy and dragon artist. This character caught my eye.
49/50 :iconspyed: Our own lovely Spyed. A great owner of this website we call Deviantart!
50/50 :icontracyjb: Last but not least. The wonderful artist that draws Lackadaisy.

If anyone has a problem with the icon I drew and would like to have it taken down, please send me a note.
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