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rilakkuma happy cupcake pcraft

I have been working in this for months (because i do not know how to make it in 3d) but it is finally here available for all to make its own, perfect gift for that special occasion or just for you. I made this based upon the patterns found in the kuma0rila blog with the drawing you see in the image, there is no pattern to make this one in the kuma0rila blog.

You can see the original image here:


To see other rilakkuma models browse through the kuma0rila blog here:


Enjoy a happy cupcake!

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¡Que chingón, está pocamadre! Que diga... So cute, it's beatiful!

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Muchas gracias,es hermoso.

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So cute and the colors are wonderful.
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Where I can download and molds that are no longer available rilakkuma??
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Hi, what do you mean? for this one the download button is  at the right side of the deviation page.
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This is so lovely! - I used your pattern to make a cupcake-bear on my one and wanted to thank you for providing this great pattern! Thanks!
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no problem, may i see it when you finish it?
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I already finished it some months ago. But I only have deviantart since this week. So I couldn´t write you a "Thank you" comment before. - Do you prefer it, when I upload it on deviantart and include a link to you as designer or would you rather have a private message with a link?
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thanks, i would prefer it when you upload it to deviant-art!
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thanks, nice add ons!
i cant find the DIY sheet when i go to the website. can u please share it here? i really wanna try this one. pleaseeee 
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hi! there are no instructions for making this, however there is a guide on how to ensemble the bear, and that guide is not mine so i cannot post it here. I did go to the link and it is working fine, i leave it to you here:

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I'm simply in love with this cupcake! :heart:

PS: I would love to do this as a gift for a friend, but I can't open the template ...
so I was wondering you by chance have a template that isn't in ZIP ? ^^;
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thanks! Well, you just need an uncompress program to open the zip file, because inside there is a .pdf file. Or maybe the zip file did not downloaded correctly and just just need to download it again. Tell me if this help you.
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