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PokePalace: Renaissance | Syg the Fletchinder



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CREDITS: Pose based on a silhouette thingy I found on Google, metal texture from wojtar-stock at

Name: Syg (seeg)
Age: 23
Height: 5'7"
Pokemon: Fletchinder | Fletchinder, the Ember Pokémon. Once in flight, Fletchinder can reach its top speed extremely quickly, giving it the edge in battle by attacking is opponents before they can get prepared.
Nature: Jolly | +Speed -Special Attack
Ability: Flame Body | Contact with the Pokémon may burn the attacker. Also decreases the amount of time it takes for eggs to hatch.
Flame Charge | Cloaking itself in flame, the user attacks. Then, building up more power, the user raises its Speed stat.
Acrobatics | The user nimbly strikes the target. If the user is not holding an item, this attack inflicts massive damage.
Steel Wing | The target is hit with wings of steel. This may also raise the user's Defense stat.
Fire Blast | The target is attacked with an intense blast of all-consuming fire. This may also leave the target with a burn.
T.O.R: Xeluses
Job Class: Mercenary
+ Pretty ladies
+ Challenges
+ The hunt
+ Roasted meat
+ A good ale
- Poor sports
- Wasted opportunities
- Heavy rain
- Pomp and circumstance
- Being stuck in one place
- Anything that takes too long

Personality: Syg is an optimist. His situation growing up was far less than ideal, but it's given him the ability to cope with almost any hopeless situation with cheerful determination. He believes in living his life to the fullest, despite any disadvantages or setbacks he encounters. Thus a large part of his leisurely time is spend enjoying the good things in life; for him, this usually means his his favorite sport, hunting (both game and women), enjoying the best food and drink he can afford at the moment, or spending time with friends. Being a mercenary and practically raising himself, he is quite informal, verging on a little too casual in his interactions with employers or those who outrank him socially (although he does use the appropriate titles and styles when addressing someone). This can sometimes give the impression of roguishness or insubordination, though half the time prospective employers seem find his friendly manner disarming. In regards to his employment, he isn't choosy in what jobs he takes and doesn't shy away from "dirty work." He does however, have a soft spot for children and those in unfortunate circumstances, namely the poor, having spent his formative years on the streets himself, so when completing jobs that require him to remove such "nuisances" from cities or higher class areas, he tends to go easy on the victims and often bribes them to leave or offers them help instead of doing what his employer had in mind.

One of Syg's favorite pastimes is flirting with women (and bedding them, if he can get away with it), the more challenging the target the better. This unfortunately results in lots of hassle and ruffled feathers for many husbands and fathers, lots of climbing in and out of second story windows in the dead of night, and lots of broken hearts for the ladies he leaves behind when his sellsword lifestyle takes him elsewhere in search of work. He is, however, faithful, caring, and rather romantic with the current woman of his choosing, while he is with her.

History: Syg supposes he had a family at one point, but he doesn't have any memories of them. His earliest recollections are of wandering the streets in search of food and shelter, eating anything he could find, catch, steal, or was lucky enough to be given. His survival for the first few years was probably thanks mostly to the kindness of the various brothers and sisters of the different churches and temples of Xeluses, and the protection of a wild fletchling who took the nameless child under its wing for whatever reason. During the winter at around 6 years of age, he happened to take shelter at a smithy, drawn by the warmth of the forge. The smith there kicked the boy out when he found him, but that night was colder than usual, and when he found the child huddled at the door trying to use his lone fletchling companion for warmth, he relented and let the pair in. Eventually the smith started to provide the kid food and allowed him to stay at the smithy in exchange for working the bellows and keeping the place tidy, and even gave the child a name. As Syg grew in strength and size, the smith soon offered to make him an apprentice, but the youth was more interested in the results of the smith's efforts than the process itself. Before he was 10 years old he was playing with the smith's finished swords and giving them "a test run." Amused, the smith (who had served as a soldier in the past) taught Syg how to fight, training him informally and eventually becoming his sparring partner when the kid became decently skilled with the sword. With this newfound strength Syg was eventually running around town, doing errands for his adopted father and picking up random tasks here and there to bring home some extra coin.

By the time he was 16 and a man grown, Syg's aging father figure and mentor, who was already in his 50s when he had taken Syg in, was starting to weaken - although he still insisted on working the forge. One evening when Syg and his pokemon companion (now a fletchinder) retired early for the evening and were asleep, the smith tripped while taking a red-hot sword out of the forge and knocked over a container of oil used for caring for the blades. The resulting conflagration spread quickly and soon engulfed the smithy, including the attached residence. The old smith died in the fire and Syg was trapped in the sleeping area, awakening to the roar of the flames and the frantic beating of his fletchinder's wings on his face. Although the faithful pokemon was itself immune to fire and could easily have flown away, it refused to leave its friend. When it saw that Syg was succumbing to the heavy smoke and there was no way for the human to escape, it merged with him to save him from the inferno.

Extra Notes:
- Being a mercenary, he wears only what he can afford in the way of armor, hence his mixed set of leather, cloth, and only two metal pieces. The two metal items he does own were coming of age gifts from his adopted father; the chestplate bears a sigil in the form of a talonflame, which his father assumed his companion pokemon would someday become. The sigil is a reminder to him to become stronger.
- The "cane" he carries is actually a hidden blade. As a mercenary doing sometimes dangerous jobs, Syg finds that approaching people without a visible weapon tends to make things easier and gives him the advantage of surprise if necessary.
- The back of his shirt and leather tunic have long slits through which he puts his wings. They technically can be laced closed, but as he lives alone and dresses himself they tend to flap open if he doesn't have his chestplate on over them.
- Freyr the purrloin fusion is the bane of his existence. He once accepted a job to get the nuisance of a kid off the streets where he was a bother to the general public, but since he has a soft spot for disadvantaged kids he tends to go easy on him. As a result he frequently gets jobs to go deal with the antics of Freyr and his gang, and they butt heads often.
- Currently Syg is EXTREMELY unlucky, because he was cursed by a ninetales warlock whom he slighted. This means he will constantly have strings of accidents and just generally unlucky incidents that often result in him getting KO'd. Anyone and everyone is encouraged to throw random occurances of crap luck at him and just screw with him in general. <3
- Voice example (singing): Magic Giant - Window

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