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PokePalace: Renaissance | Ikarus the Sigilyph



For :iconpoke-ren:!!
CREDITS: Outfit designed by Mokkun-Way. Thank you so much! ;v;

Name: Ikarus (IH-kah-ros)
Age: 19 (22nd of First Frost, 300 PC)
Height: 5'10"
Pokemon: Sigilyph | Sigilyph, the Avianoid Pokémon. Sigilyph keeps enemies from invading its territory with its Psychic powers and was the guardian of cities long ago.
Nature: Lonely | +Attack -Defense
Ability: Magic Guard | Prevents indirect damage
Job Class: Illusionist
Hypnosis | The user employs hypnotic suggestion to make the target fall into a deep sleep.
Tail Wind | The user whips up a turbulent whirlwind that ups the Speed stat of the user and its allies for four turns.
Mirror Move | The user counters the target by mimicking the target's last move.
Class Move - Heal Pulse | The user emits a healing pulse that restores the target’s HP by up to half of its max HP.
T.O.R: Lumeria
Faction: Anemos Ardent
+ Cherri berries
+ Being useful
+ Watching people
+ Learning
+ Myrrh
+ Flying
+ Sunlight
+ Wind
- Threats to what he considers his
- Being reminded he isn't a native Ardent
- Getting sunburned cause he's pale af
- Not finding answers
- Getting left behind

Personality: Ikarus is immensely curious about everything. He will scrutinize anything new with alarming intensity, often with little regard for other's privacy. Hypocritically, he hates when anyone else intrudes on his space without permission or otherwise messes with things that he views as "his," and is very possessive. Otherwise, he is generally a follower rather than a leader, preferring to observe other people's behavior and then follow suit. He is insecure about not fitting in, and will often mimic the behavior of those around him in an attempt to do so. 

Ikarus never knew his mother, but his father, Daedalus, was his world. The man was a great inventor, constantly searching for knowledge and willing to go to any length to obtain it. Their home was in Amaranthe, where Daedalus spent much of his time working in the Grand Athenaeum, but even when Ikarus was a babe, the pair often traveled on great adventures in search of erudition. It was during one of these quests that 8 year old Ikarus would learn just how much his father valued his scholarly pursuits over anything else.
    One of Daedalus' greatest fascinations was alchemy, particularly the powerful kind that scholars often theorized some ancient Pokegean civilizations to use. Years of research eventually lead the inventor and his son to the remote shores of Lumeria, where some careful, stealthy observation of the small local population revealed that some of them, especially the winged faction called the Ardents, still used some remnants of that alchemy contemporarily. There were leagues upon leagues of ruins, all potentially filled to the brim with relics and rare archaeological information that no scholar on the mainland had even dreamed about. However, something else that became obvious during Daedalus' reconnaissance was that the Ardents were steadfast guardians, and did not even permit the local villagers to enter much of the ruined city. Soon it was clear that he would not be able to learn everything about ancient alchemy from the locals. He would have to find a way into the ruins and take some of the original artifacts himself for further study.
    Daedalus came up with a plan. He would use his son as a diversion. He had never been unkind to the boy (though he had used him in quite a few experiments, which the child never seemed to object to), but this, the find of his life, would be worth the sacrifice. Calculating that a young lost sigilyph fusion would be the most effective distraction for the Ardent tribe, he caught a wild one and forced it to fuse with his boy.
    Ikarus, as always, followed Daedalus' directions willingly, eager to impress his father. However the wild pokemon was not so calm about the situation, and immediately after the fusion, its distress overwhelmed the boy and he flew away in a panic. Up, up, up he went, until he could no longer see Daedalus. He flew so high that if he had looked down, he would have seen the entire island laid out below him, a jewel in the midst of a shining sea. But all the panicked sigilyph instincts that overwhelmed him could focus on was the sun - that beacon of hope, the way out, the only way to escape.
    Eventually Ikarus got control of his body back, but he was too tired to keep going. He tried to control his new wings as he fell, but he didn't know how. He was lucky enough to survive his fall into the ocean a little ways offshore, and even luckier that he was found by Myrrh, an Ardent boy the same age as Ikarus who had noticed his descent. Myrrh brought him back to the tribe, and just as Daedalus had predicted, they were fascinated with the helpless foreigner who had fallen out of the sky, already bonded with the pokemon that was so central to the tribe's identity.
    Ikarus' appearance among the Ardents did exactly as the great inventor had intended, and over the months Ikarus learned to live with the tribe (unwittingly keeping them occupied with his antics), Daedalus was able to smuggle out as much material as he could fit on the little boat they had arrived in. As a matter of fact, Daedalus was so elated that the night he was to leave, he snuck into the Ardent camp to tell his son how proud he was, and tell him goodbye. Ikarus was ecstatic to see his father again, and became hysterical when he was told he was going to leave without him. The commotion awoke the Ardents, who apprehended the would-be thief.
    After finding his boat full of stolen artifacts and learning what he had done to his son, the elders sentenced the thieving intruder to death, but Ikarus begged for mercy for his father. So instead of executing him outright, they sent him away in his boat with no supplies and a warning to never return. The sea would judge him, the elders said, and he would survive the thousand mile journey to the mainland if the gods had mercy on him, as his son had.
    Afterwards, though of foreign birth, Ikarus grew up as one of the Ardents, having his traditional coming of age ceremony (minus fusion) alongside his best friend and idol, Myrrh. Although he has been self-conscious of his pale skin and lighter features, the tribe has always treated him as one of them, and he has adapted well to the Ardent lifestyle.

Extra Notes:
- Like most Ardents, his wings don't have enough surface area to carry him via traditional flight, and he is used to his flight being assisted by the power of the alchemical channels that run beneath Lumeria. Therefore, on the mainland he has trouble flying with wings alone, and usually just hovers telekinetically or uses his psychic powers to help with staying airborne.
- As you might guess from his moveset, Ikarus is not a very offensively focused character and generally doesn't attack directly in battle. He's used to playing a support role to Myrrh when on patrol.
- When startled or threatened, he will often spread his wings wide and rattle his feathers to show off those eyespots. This is a vestige of instinctual defensive behavior from his sigilyph.
- Speaking voice: something like Johnny Bosch as Tatsumi from Ar Tonelico
- Singing voice: bridge from Come With Me Now by the Kongos
- Chose the H'sants path after his Coming of Age ceremony, but recently has converted to an Anemos Ardent as he believes healing skills will be more useful on quests to the mainland.
- His name is technically pronounced like this in Lumerian but when I say it I have a terrible American accent so...

Personal Inventory:
- 1 pair Anemos Ardent tassels
- 1 Ardent's pendulum
- Golden Laurels of Charisma
Huda’s Prized Zebstrika: Antiope

Badges Earned:

Myrrh belongs to Mokkun-Way
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He's so cute!! Love the colors with his hair~