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PokePalace: Renaissance | Arran the Malamar(?)

For :iconpoke-ren:
Full body full color (100) + sketch background (10) = 110 scripts
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So I wondered what would happen to Aram in this universe, never having been taken in by the royal family as a whipping boy, or bonding with Articuno after becoming a soldier. I guess he got super messed up. :,D
Same pose used on his original app because I just had to, heh.
Malmar silhouette and image come from Bulbapedia and this page on


Name: Arran (ah-RAHN) Donovan
Title/Style: Lord of Misthaven
Rank: Marquis
Age: 30 (21st of First Frost, 287PC)
Height: 6' 2"
Pokemon: Malamar | Malamar, the Overturning Pokémon, and the evolved form of Inkay. Possessing the strongest hypnotic powers of any Pokémon, Malamar can compel others to do anything it wants them to do.
Nature: Naughty | +Attack -Special Defense
Ability: Infiltrator | Passes through the opposing Pokémon's barrier, substitute, and the like and strikes.
Camouflage | Changes the Pokémon's type to a type corresponding to the battlefield terrain. Arran's malamar uses this to hide itself somewhere nearby so it can control Arran and make him appear to use a fusion's powers without being detected.
Dark Pulse | The user releases a horrible aura imbued with dark thoughts. This may also make the target flinch.
Psychic | The target is hit by a strong telekinetic force. This may also lower the target's Sp. Def stat.
Attract | 
If it is attracted to the gender of the user, the target becomes infatuated and less likely to attack.

T.O.R: Misthaven
Job Class: Ravager
+ Blood
+ Sex
+ Pain (both others's and his own)
+ Torture
+ Resistance
+ Probably anything messed up you can think of
- Getting bored
- People spoiling his fun
- Bugs (one of the few things that grosses him out)
- Fairies (they're so sparkly)
- The fact that most of his men are uncultured brutes

Personality: Arran is a piece of work. At first glance his demeanor may appear friendly, especially when he is in a good mood, but make no mistake. He is violent, deranged, and unstable. He has many urges, most of which he acts upon instinctively without hesitation or remorse. The only exception to this is when he gets the occasional idea about being merciful to his victims, a thought quickly quelled by the little voice in his head. And the little voice is always right...

History: Arran was the elder of two brothers and heir to a wealthy noble family. The Donovans of Misthaven were a high-blooded line; long ago the sons served as marquis of the bygone Persephoneian Empire, presiding over defensively crucial lands bordering their kingdom and Old Cydonia. Some sons of the line had even been granted the opportunity to serve as whipping boys for the kingdom's successive Bishop-Princes, who served the kingdom as both sovereign and spiritual leader. Since the Pokegean Cataclysm and the resulting irrelevance of the now-extinct kingdoms' borders, the family's political importance waned, although they kept their lands and titles.
    It was these lands and titles that were desired by Arran's uncle, Tybalt - a third son, but next in line after Arran and his younger brother, Syg. The boys' father and the older of their two uncles had met with an early demise, leaving Tybalt in charge of the estate until Arran came of age. When Arran was 10 years old and within a few years of manhood, Tybalt decided he didn't fancy giving up his position as head of the household after all.
    So one day when Arran took his dear 4 year old little brother to town for a treat, they were run down by a carriage while crossing the street. The "accident" was meant to take out both children, but Arran managed to push Syg out of the way. Though the toddler survived the attempt on his life, in the commotion that followed, the younger child was lost amongst the crowd and never again found. Arran received massive head trauma, and though he did not die right away, Tybalt succeeded in his goal when a healer he payed to care for the boy agreed to proclaim the child would never awaken. The uncle was officially recognized as Lord and Protector of the Donovan estate.
    The young heir's story would have ended there, if not for a malamar who, for reasons of its own, had always envied human nobility and their comfortable lifestyle. It saw an opportunity here, and would have fused with the boy to take his place in the Donovan family, but it knew that there was always a chance during fusion that it would lose its sense of self. Rather than risk its own awareness, the pokemon used its psychic powers to enter Arran's mind and shape it for its own purposes, piecing together the damaged fragments of memory and personality so that he would recognize the malamar as part of himself. As a result when Arran finally awoke, although he would care for, serve, and protect this malamar, he could not see the malamar directly and acted as though he had truly become a fusion. Arran became the malamar's avatar in the world, and everyone was none the wiser.
    The first order of business malamar decided they needed to take care of was Uncle Tybalt. Before the hired healer could report that he had awakened, Arran had strangled the old man to death with his bed sheets and put his body in place of his own in the bed. They found Tybalt and demanded their rightful place back. Tybalt refused of course, telling Arran he should simply leave and never return, or he'd have him killed for sure this time. With malamar's hypnotic powers it would have been easy enough to force the man to give up his title, but this malamar was an angry, bitter, sadistic creature. Instead it subdued Tybalt and used the rest of the greedy man's time on this earth to teach Arran the finer points of anatomy and how to torture someone while keeping them alive as long as possible.
    Afterwards, Arran stepped up and became Lord of Misthaven, despite his young age. Although the accident had obviously changed him, his subjects found him surprisingly competent, sure-footed, and confident as a leader, unaware that most of his decisions were made under the malamar's influence. Some guessed it may be a result of his apparent fusion after his near-death experience. Anyone who may have discovered the truth by actually coming across the pokemon itself, puppeteering from the shadows, never remembered the encounter.
    However, after a while mere lordship was no longer enough for malamar and therefore Arran. The malamar wanted more power, and Arran himself had a sort of mental itch he couldn't scratch: this sort of feeling that there was someone he was supposed to be, or something he was supposed to find that he couldn't recall. As a sort of poultice for their mutual unrest, Arran eventually gathered a following of ravagers, mercenaries, and other like-minded people and spends most of his time raping and pillaging across Pokegea and living a generally hedonistic lifestyle, rarely returning to his own lands.

Extra Notes:
- In case it wasn't clear or the history was tldr, Arran is not actually a fusion. He just thinks he is, and his malamar generally tries to make it appear as if Arran is the one using any powers. Canonically though, this shouldn't be obvious and in almost all cases people will mistake him for a malamar fusion.
- Growing up as the lord of a marquis family, he has combat training in a variety of weapons, but he favors a curious sickle/scythe and chain combo (that I totally didn't draw)
- The plan is for him to grow from "bad guy" to "good guy" over the course of his development, eventually resulting in his being freed from the malamar and recuperated into an actual decent person, getting a swanna partner instead at some point so he can be a bootiful birb again.
- He was an NPC for the longest time because I'm not generally comfortable using him in public RPs in his current state, as his behavior generally results in very, very dark situations. However, if you're interested in using him as an antagonist to do horrible things for plot or story purposes, feel free to ask me!
- VA would be Troy Baker: speaking sample | singing sample
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Holy shit, what a great gijinka design! Also, I love the shadow! :0
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Thank you! Malamar's rows of circle things were just begging to become double-breasted buttons. :D
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thank god a bully i want to bully me
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As long as it's consensual, kek >B)
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consensual bullying is a new and spicy concept. you must sign an agreement to be bullied for your lunch money
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It's cutting edge
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the commercial ends with him literally stabbing me while i give a thumbs up
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I'm such a sucker for guy ponytails and bad boys :swoon:
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I trust her implicitly. 
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... Nah, still too fabulous.
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Yessssss... when he gets better he will get to be a pretty bird again. Just not Articuno. Someone just has to get rid of that evil malamar!
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Juliet unseathes her dagger... Link (Ian) - Icon 
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"Arran is a piece of work."

I'LL SAY!!  When I first saw this thumbnail in my inbox I was like--o hey!!! I know that pose!!  I know that guy!!!!!  Then I open it up expecting beautiful pristine and good Arran, AND WHAT DO I FIND BUT DARK FORBIDDEN ARRAN!!!!!!  Can't wait to see how you will develop him in this world, ahaha!
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lmao Right... this version has sure been interesting to play so far, I can tell you that. >_> Too bad I can't submit the logs since they're suuuuuuper NSFW! XD
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!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A-ARRAN!!!!!!!
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I do love the shadow actually being the pokemon.
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Thanks! I thought it was kinda cheesy, but it gets the point across!
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To me it really wasn't that cheesy but Hell I love cheesy things. Oh it truly does.
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Those boots ARE pretty fabulous.
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