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From the Latin root lumen-, meaning light, and inspired by Lemuria, the hypothetical lost continent

The city’s sigil is an amalgamation of the four main concepts in Lumerian religion/alchemy

An indigenous tribe of guardians called the Ardents watches over the ancient remnants of this lost civilization through their cooperation with the native sigilyph. Although this remote desert isle has been visited by few outsiders in the past thousand years, a couple of the younger tribe members have taken on a quest to restore their city by searching for an answer to its collapse in the outside world, thereby bridging the gap between Lumeria and the rest of Pokegea once again.


    Lumeria was a once-diverse civilization centered around a sacred spring that provided life-giving water to the people. The spring was part of an ancient alchemical engine that turned the sun’s energy into magical power that allowed the city to thrive on the islands, which were barren desert without the dynamo’s life-giving magic. It is from this long lost civilization from many of Poke:Ren’s grey list pokemon originated.

    This civilization had a faction of Sigilyph fusions called the Ardents, whose people were raised as priests, guardians, and alchemical engineers of the city. They had a sacred duty to preserve and protect the city and its inhabitants by maintaining its sun-based alchemical magic system and guarding its borders.

    The civilization started out as a small community around the oasis spring, but as their society and technology advanced it spread across the island until there was nowhere to build but down. The power of the Alchemy Well and the wards around the city were used to pull apart the ocean, and people built a civilization half below sea level and half above sea level, the islands being the higher points.

    Disaster struck when the great alchemical engine that fueled the civilization failed. Long before the Pokegean Cataclysm and worldwide disappearance of the Legendaries, a few greedy visitors to Lumeria managed to find their way into the inner workings of the Well. Upon finding that parts of the alchemical engine were made of precious materials, they stole those artifacts, not realizing that without them, the great dynamo would not work, and that the city would fall. As soon as the Alchemy Well lost power, the ocean took back the parts of the city that were below sea level, devastating a large part of the population and reducing the city to its current area. With the Well broken, the once lush islands returned to desert sand, and the remaining population withered away.

    Later on, the Cataclysm that struck Pokegea caused a shift to the citadel, disrupting the flow of the water supplying the spring and thus drying it almost completely. With so little left in the way of life-sustaining resources, the civilization eventually collapsed, leaving the city empty. The only remnant of the ancient city is the sigilyph tribe who have traditionally watched over the city since its grand time and hope to someday restore it to its former glory.

  • If the Alchemy Well is restored, the city can sustain life once again, allowing more none-Ardents to survive in the area. However since knowledge of how to work the dynamo has been lost, Lumeria cannot be restored to its previous level of alchemical/technological advancement.

  • Restoring each of the many missing pieces of the Alchemy Well increases its ability to generate magical power, allowing the Settlement to level up and support more inhabitants.

  • Since the tribe wants to restore the city’s population, they have been welcoming of the rare visitor thus far and will most often help the odd lost traveler who stumbles upon their shores. However as the ruins contain many valuable ancient artifacts, they have had issues with raiders in the past and will protect it fervently from plunderers and intruders of ill-will.

  • A couple of the younger Ardents have taken on a quest to restore the sacred spring by searching for an answer in the outside world, which is quite an unpopular endeavor with the tribe and is met with much disapproval.


    The spring is located on a decently sized island almost 100 miles across at its longest, with a few smaller islands nearby. All the islands are dry, desolate desert, with ancient ruins crumbling and half-buried in sand. The broken buildings and structures continue straight into the water and down to the ocean floor. There is no fresh water on the surface aside from what is left of the sacred spring.

    More coming soon.


  • The Alchemy Well - the location of the oasis and the center of the tribe. The citadel itself is part of the alchemic machine that once powered the city, but is now in an inactive state, with only the much reduced spring remaining. See below for more details.

  • Tribal Residence - the area where the Ardents live; includes a part of the ruins around the citadel that still stand in good shape, with additions of lean-tos.

  • Desert Ruins - the area above sea level that makes up the rest of the territory the tribe watches over

  • Submerged Ruins - the half of the city that was below sea level, flooded when the city’s magic failed

  • Subterranean Labyrinth - underground network of channels, tunnels, and catacombs that made up the inner workings of the city’s alchemical system in ancient times. Access points are hidden and hard to find. One secret entrance at the holy spring itself needs magic to be opened. The sigilyph tribe was in charge of maintaining this system long ago, but the only part of the duty remembered now is recasting the sigils at formerly critical points on the surface, to which they are guided by the divining pendulums they carry.

  • Mirror Desert - one of the islands is made up almost completely of a large salt flat, which when it rains, transforms into a strange shallow pool that reflects the sky, giving the appearance of an enormous mirror in the middle of the ocean. The location is traditionally used by the Ardents for their coming of age ceremonies

The Alchemy Well

    The Alchemy Well was an alchemical device which converted sunlight into magical energy. It was primarily made up of a citadel tower with prisms that focused the rays of the sun onto a magic globe situated underground, which then powered wards throughout the city through alchemical relations with the sun. Subterranean channels running deep under the area of the ancient city distributed the magical power. From a distance, it would have appeared as though there was a ray of sunlight rising upwards into the sky.

    This system was called the Leypkwesdis Vaeld, or simply the Alchemy Well in the common tongue, as the native name is most often found unpronounceable to visitors. The name derives from the words leyp- (literally “life”, also meaning to stick or glue together), kwesdis (literally “piece”, referring to the four alchemical elements believed to together create life), and væld (“well” or “source”). It’s main parts were as such:

  • Sohl’s Gate - prisms/lenses that focused sunlight into the mechanism beneath the pool

  • Ap Madir’s Eye: the oasis pool and the globe underneath it, which gathered the energy from Sohl’s Gate

  • Anemos’ Flow - a constantly moving stream of magically animated air that carried the cooling water up from its subterranean source to Ap Madir’s Eye

  • H’sants’ Pulse - a series of channels built into the walls of the Subterranean Labyrinth which serve as a timing mechanism for the Alchemy Well, based on the rate of falling sand, much like an hourglass

    Each of these parts was complex in their inner workings and involved the use of many enchanted artifacts and magic runes that required maintenance by the Ardents. Many of these artifacts and other various components of the Well were made of precious stones and rare metals, and it was these components that were stolen, leading to the civilization’s collapse.

The Ardent Tribe

sigilyph glyph.png

    The indigenous people of the former civilization, and descendants of the guardian faction who still guard the holy ground with religious fervor, becoming the only part of the ancient culture that survived.  

  • Members of this guardian group are called Ardents. Not all are active guardians. Retired Ardents are responsible for the tasks and chores of day to day life, while young Ardents who haven’t yet come of age and bonded with their sigilyph also help around the residence.

    • Uphold the tasks of maintaining the city’s alchemical channels and protecting the grounds as best they can to prepare for the return of the city’s people. However, there are not enough of them to maintain very much of the city, so the majority of it has fallen into ruin

    • Speak an older form of Pokegea’s common language in day to day life, but still use their ancient language for ceremonial and chanting purposes as well as to aid in casting spells and wards.

    • Have a closely-knit, monastic, communal culture. Surviving in such a harsh environment is only possible with each other’s help and living in harmony with the area’s scarce natural resources.

  • Ardents have standard issue pendulums used for divination, concentrating psychic abilities, and, to some extent, combat. They use these pendulums to locate vital points in the underground alchemical network where runes need to be re-cast or otherwise maintained. Pendants vary from one another, as each is made individually, but all contain the same elements:

    • A sun disc, a golden medallion that represents the Moon and Sun. (fixed)

    • A vial of water in the blade end. (vial is fixed)

    • Golden wings (appearance is up to creator but must be present around the sun disc).


  • Have always, and still do affiliate closely with the Sigilyph of the area, who still traverse the ancient passageways. Wild sigilyph in the area have a sort of understanding and symbiotic relationship with the tribe. The elders bring the human young of the tribe into the wild to choose their sigilyph companions when they reach speaking age. They are bonded with these pokemon during their coming of age ceremony, thus continuing to uphold the ancient traditions.  

    • Due to the tribe being ancient and having fused with the Sigilyph for many generations, native Ardent fusions tend towards displaying more pokemon features than is commonly seen elsewhere in Pokegea. Full-blooded Ardent offspring are more likely to show heavier pokemon features after fusion than the children of an Ardent and a settler.

    • They are closely bound to the land as well. Within their lands the runes and alchemic channels they maintain grant sigilyph fusions improved flight (here they are much faster and are able to continuously fly their route nonstop with little to no effort) and other mystic powers in order to guard the ruined city, but they are less powerful elsewhere. In the outside world they have more limited capabilities and can usually only fly by hovering relatively slowly by using their psychic power, because of Sigilyph’s somewhat rudimentary wings.


    Lumerians had a non-theistic religion based in worshiping four concepts at the heart of their alchemy, which the Ardents still follow. The four basic tenets are:

  • Sohl (the sun) - Life giving force. Everything flows from the sun. In their alchemy, Sohl represents the element of fire. Homonym with the word “soul”: every living being has sohl inside of them.

  • H’sants (sand) - Concept of the universe and that while each individual grain of sand is minuscule, they all contribute to Great Desert, thus every thing has a place in the world no matter how insignificant it seems. Sand is thought of as the crystallized tears of the sun that fall to earth as sunlight, explained in a way similar to how seawater dried in the sun makes salt crystals. Alchemically, sand represents the element of earth. H’sants also refers to the belief that our bodies come from the earth; various alchemical golem pokemon are also made from earth.

  • Ap Madhir (the moon) - The alchemical symbol for water. Nurtures life given from the sun. Can be translated literally as water(ap) mother(madhir). Life cannot continue to exist without water, whose mother is the moon.

  • Anemos (flow) - Anemos is that which connects all things. The Flow carries life from the sun to the earth to living beings; there is the flow of water which carries life, the flow of sand and wind, and the flow of time. Alchemically, anemos refers to air.

Festivals and Ceremonies

    Most Lumerian festivals have to do with astrological alignments, the most popular to celebrate including the summer and winter equinoxes and solar and lunar eclipses. The Ardent tribe has many ceremonies, but the most public ones are probably the coming of age ceremonies, when the youth bond with their sigilyph. When pieces of the Alchemy well are restored by PokeRen members (town level up), there will be ceremonies as well.

Notable Native Pokemon

  • Desert: Cacnea/Cacturne, Hippopotas/Hippowdon, Trapinch/Vibrava/Flygon, Sandile/Krokorok/Krookodile, Maractus, Vullaby/Mandibuzz, Sandshrew/Sandslash, Cubone/Marowak, Gible/Gabite/Garchomp, Helioptile/Heliolisk, Fossil Pokemon

  • Desert Ruins: Sigilyph, Natu/Xatu, Baltoy/Claydol, Bronzor/Bronzong, Yamask/Cofagrigus, Golett/Golurk, Honedge/Doublade/Aegislash, Duskull/Dusclops/Dusknoir, Spiritomb

  • Beach/Submerged Ruins: Dwebble/Crustle, Relicanth, Sandygast/Palossand, Dhelmise, Fossil Pokemon

Joining Requirements

  • Choose Ardent or Settler.

  • Ardents must have a sigilyph partner if pre-puberty or be a sigilyph fusion if mature. Your Ardent’s Pendulum should be included on your application in the bottom right circle.

  • Settlers can be anything, but character history should include how they came to Lumeria and relationship with the tribe. You’re free to put anything you want in the circles to the right.

  • No limits on number of settler characters vs Ardents. However, canonically there will be more Ardents (NPCs) than settlers until the Settlement is leveled up.

Inspiration/Environment Reference

Lumeria info by Mokkun-Way and ikarus-exe!

~2600 words/2 authors = 1300 words each (refined) = 75 scripts each :>
© 2017 - 2022 ikarus-exe
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