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I was tagged by :iconflorian-k:

Quite some interesting answers there, guess I'll go serious for once aswell, can't remember that I've done this before.

•   You have to post ALL the rules
•   Answer the 12 questions you have been asked then create 12 questions for the people you tagged
•   Choose 12 people
•   Actually tag these people
•   Can't say you don't do tags
•   Tag backs are allowed

1. If you could have one superpower which one would you choose and what would you do with it?
At the moment I'd like to be able to teleport anywhere I want, without leaving any traces. And with no traces I also mean that once I disappeared, people instantly forget that I was there. Got captured by some bad guys? Teleport away and people forgot whom they wanted to capture. Been seen on a camera? Teleport away, the footage disappears from the data. It's less normal teleport and more like partly rewriting reality I guess. I haven't fully thought about how it'd be like living with that power, but I'd keep away the baddies from my trail and that's what I want the most: avoiding being in the center of attention of villains, because no matter how strong you are, people can be really damn clever and I do not underestimate my foes.

2. What was the ugliest piece of clothing you ever had to wear and on what occasion?
Not the ugliest but the most uncomfortable thing I ever had to wear was a Lederhosen which was wayyy to small for me, back then I was 6 years old or something. I had to join some kind of festival but couldn't sit down because it was so damn tight, making me look like a tiny log in a lederhosen leaning against a chair whenever I tried to sit. Little did I know that this very problem of mine became a (pretty stupid) trend lateron in the future called planking...

3. What did you once believe in that later turned out to be completely false?
This happens to me more often than I'd like to admit. Sometimes it's just a word I kept writing wrong for years (definitely, NOT definetly), and sometimes it's being at a party and thinking that the nearby lake's level isn't that high, so it's okay to go out and get some fresh air and you make a step forward and suddenly *sploosh* I laughted it off explaining to my buddies that I wanted to give myself the "Jesus-Test" by trying to walk over the lake.

4. What would you write on your tomb stone?
It was fun, thanks for having me around.
Now cheer up and grab something to bite.

5. What's your biggest source of inspiration?
Whenever I hear a song, I fall into a specific mood and I like to use that mood to draw. Scary pictures need scary music, is there action in my image then I need energetic music. When it comes to boring parts like lineart or something else then I prefer podcasts.

Sometimes it happens that stories form in my head which accompany the song, making it more intense overall. I sometimes think of animating a few of these head-stories but that just eats up so much time that I quickly put that idea aside.

Yeah, I really can't draw without music.

6. If you could exchange one of your skills for another one, what would it be? In other words: What skill would you give up and what skill would you like to get for it in return?
As silly as it sounds, I'm pretty good at whistling, though I prefer to do it when nobody's around. Nevertheless, I'd exchange that skill anytime for being technically skilled. I have mad respect for people who can craft tables, install pipes or repair pretty much anything they can get into their hands, being able to repair or improve your car, your house or just anything is an art of its own in my eyes.

7. If you could turn into an animal (real or fantasy animal), what animal would it be and what would be the first thing you do in your new body?
Turn into a dog and live with a loving family, I think that's pretty much the best thing you can do in that case. What dog? Probably something bigger, a Golden Retriever or a German Shepherd.

8. If you'd write a book about rules for a good life, what would be the first rule in it?
Treat other people as you want to be treated.

9. If all art was destroyed tomorrow and you could only save one piece of art, what would it be?
Wanderer above the Sea of Fog by Caspar David Friedrich. I have a thing for wandering/traveling and this image is, for me, pretty much the essence of a true journey.
Needless to say, my favourite picture of all time.

10. If you could turn one movie, book or game into reality, which one would it be?
I have no idea.
A lot of people say how cool it'd be to live in a fantasy world (there's even an own genre in animes called "isekai" which is just about this very idea), but frankly, that would be incredibly dangerous and scary in the end. I'm happy with this reality.

Although, if it would be for a limited time, I'd love to see Terry Pratchett's Discworld in reality. Strolling around in Ankh-Morpork, witnessing this mad city with my own eyes, probably getting politely mugged sooner or later... rest in peace, Sir Pratchett, still haven't finished all your books, but I'm getting close. An outstanding series, please give it a try and read.

11. If you could bring back one extinct animal, what animal would it be and what other animal would you accept to go extinct in return?
I'd bring back the Tasmanian Tiger, simply since I'd love to see one in reality. There's some old footage but it's already old and just really sad to look at.
I'd make Ticks go extinct. I hate them and nobody needs them.

12. If you could meet one historic person and ask him/her one question, what person would it be and what question would you ask?
Alexander the Great, how the hell did you manage to get that elephant over the alps?!?


1. What is your biggest fear?
Do you think we are alone in the universe?
What are you proud of?
What would you write on your tomb stone?
5. What's your biggest source of inspiration?
What do you miss the most from childhood?
If you could travel in time what would you like to say to your "Younger version"? One sentence.
 If you'd write a book about rules for a good life, what would be the first rule in it?
 If you could turn one movie, book or game into reality, which one would it be?
What is happiness?
 The meal that you didn't taste yet but you really want to?
The place that you did't visit yet but you really want to?

And now the people I tag: (I don't know 12 people who would actually try this so these should do)

:iconghostlycarrot: :iconsiritch: :iconcometfire1990: :iconjedi515: :icondori-to:
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Oh dear, haven't written a journal for a while now :x

Haven't been drawing that much lately due to two reasons:
- Thanks to the huge stress I had with my college graduation I got myself some really annoying stomach issues (Gastritis) and it took quite a long time (a couple of months) to get rid of that. Nasty stuff, I tell you
- Since I graduated from college I'm currently job hunting, which means that I'm focusing most of my energy on writing applications and working on some 3D stuff for my portfolio

That's why it t
ook me quite a while now to finish this image, I had the lineart of the character already done at the end of last october(!) but thanks to the said points never really the motivation to continue working on it until lately.
Lost Loot by Ikarooz

in other news:
They finally did it! After all those years Mane6 can finally present their fighting game Them's fightin' Herds, with characters designed by Lauren Faust and the game engine of Skullgirls! That's the first time I see a fighting game that is actually appealing for younger generations aswell, thus I'm really curious how much popularity this game is going to get. Fingers crossed for Mane6, they've been working hard for that one!

That´s it from my side for now, keep it up!

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  • Watching: Wyrd Sisters, old but great animated movie
  • Playing: Witcher 3, it's really long
  • Eating: stomach-friendly stuff
  • Drinking: mostly tea and water
Me and some friends are going to host a donation stream tonight and on monday! My buddy Rhythm Frame had a sudden hospital visit to deal with and some other misfortunes (cat got cancer). So we decided to help him out a bit :)

If you're interested in getting some neat pictures (or just like to watch a bit) here's the details about it
<da:thumb id="715279716"/>
  • Listening to: FLCL soundtrack
  • Reading: nothing
  • Watching: Wyrd Sisters, old but great animated movie
  • Playing: Witcher 3, it's really long
  • Eating: stomach-friendly stuff
  • Drinking: mostly tea and water
Got through college Q( ° v ° )

  • Listening to: some halloween tunes
  • Reading: Grimm's old tales
  • Watching: Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou, senseless fun
  • Playing: Witcher 3, it's outstanding
  • Eating: stuff to make my belly feel better again
  • Drinking: stuff to make my belly feel better again
I can rarely let a sketch be a sketch and often end up working way longer on it, that´s just how it often happens when I´m arting. But this time I went all overboard and instead of a nice drawing I ended up with a small animation. Woopsie.

Since I´m about to wrap up my studies and since I´m almost done with most of the given work (which practically munched away the whole summer for me), I´m slowly getting more active again here (thank goodness!). For example, the animation up here was actually lying around for quite some time on my computer, it was just that I now finally found some time to finish and finalize it. So there´s stuff coming more regulary now for the next months :)

in other news:
- the "Mama Luigi Project" has finally been completed! Practically it´s a recreation of an episode of the old Super Mario Cartoon, but every participating animator was given a specific scene to work on. In the end, over 200 animators joined the fun. How does a cartoon with scenes from 200+ different animators look like? It looks something like this:

I´ve been following this collab for a longer time and at some point I already thought that it was abandoned but thankfully, I was proven wrong. Hooray for over 11 minutes of diversely animated nonsense!

- Does the name Paul Johnson ring a bell? Nobody? Me neither, but I know him under the nickname "Otaking" and he´s quite a lot into Rotoscoping! A couple of years ago I found this awesome video( [link] ) about how he uses 3d models to get some really cool looking 2d animations done. I somehow found his channel again lately and I found something amazing: he released a 7 (!) minute long video with wonderfully animated spaceships, creating an intense battle in the Star Wars Universe! Although 2 years old now, I think that more people should check this one out, the quality is breathtaking! (I prefer this audio-remastered version since the music and the effects are well balanced and the orchestral composition just fits the overall setting better)

That´s it from my side for now, rock on!

  • Listening to: some old video game music again
  • Reading: City of Thieves
  • Watching: Rick and Morty Season 3 yeeaaah!
  • Playing: Planning to finally play the newest Doom, aw yeah
  • Eating: everything my mum stuffs me with (thanks mum)
  • Drinking: unholy amounts of tea from homegrown herbs
check out this link to midnightpremiere´s journal
[Final Weekend] Hurricane Harvey Charity Stream by midnightpremiere
or this one…

Hurricane Harvey hit pretty hard and a small group of artists is trying to set up a streaming week to help our friends there in Houston. Although I´m full with work I´ll be trying to help with some of the commissions and I would really appreciate it if YOU (yes you!) could help spread the word about this event!

  • Listening to: Future Funk, especially stuff made by Saury
  • Reading: City of Thieves
  • Watching: Adventure Time
  • Playing: Starbound, it really satisfies my Terraria-hunger
  • Eating: everything my mum stuffs me with (thanks mum)
  • Drinking: unholy amounts of tea from homegrown herbs
Sooo, the Discords Friendzy card game is having two fundraiser stream events this Wednesday (26.07.) and Saturday (29.07.). People who help funding the project on those two evenings will be gifted with artwork from various artists within the stream. More info about this whole event >> HERE <<

EDIT: Don´t forget the saturday stream!
<da:thumb id="695177367"/>

In other news (art):
- I´ve found a really good and easy PS-tutorial about quickly coloring your artwork with adjustment layers, check it out:

- for fans of Don Bluth (The Land Before Time, An American Tail, The Secret of NIMH) I´ve found a lovely art archive packed with lots of concept art and (downloadable!) short animations made by the master himself, a treat for both artists and animators:…

also (games, indie):
- WitchIt, a stand-alone version of the much beloved Half Life Mod "Prop Hunt", looks like a promising adaption of the classic "hide-and-seek":

- Out of nostalgia, I´ve been playing some good old Warcraft3-Funmaps with some pals again and we tumbled over a custom map called "Warlock". We´ve been playing that map a LOT and, kinda by accident, found out that the team behind it is working on a standalone version of it called Ruin. Keep an eye on it, the gameplay is simple but a lot of fun, especially with more players:…

That´s it from my side, rock on!

  • Listening to: Future Funk, especially stuff made by Saury
  • Reading: City of Thieves
  • Watching: Adventure Time
  • Playing: Starbound, it really satisfies my Terraria-hunger
  • Eating: everything my mum stuffs me with (thanks mum)
  • Drinking: unholy amounts of tea from homegrown herbs
Aaaah, finally I´ve got some time in my hands again for arting, had to work on some college papers in the past 2 months but for the next few weeks I´ll have some more time on my hands. And not only that, I´ve dug up a couple of pretty good art tutorials for you folks to enjoy, here you go:

line of action (and a little bit "rule of thirds")…

the original "Comic Strip Artist Kit" pages by Carson Van Osten, all in high quality freshness for you comic creators out there…

and a huge collection of really good tutorials by Nsio, I highly recommend his "Line Dynamics" tutorial, that´s imo the best tutorial about lineart which currently exists on the web so far!…

That´s it from my side for now, keep it up everybody, just like this guy here

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  • Watching: Code Geass, Attack on Titan, Hero Academia
  • Playing: Fire Emblem - Sealed Sword
  • Eating: too much
  • Drinking: stibitzer cider, apple-peas (impressively good!)

College munchin' muh free time

Journal Entry: Fri May 5, 2017, 5:26 PM

...and that´s pretty much why I haven´t been that productive lately - x - Let´s see about the news:

- Oh right: PayPal! If you have an account there and opened it when you were under 18 years old, you should consider closing it and making a new one (or switching to a different system, paypal has not been the best/most trusty payment system throughout the past years :P). I have no idea why, but Paypal likes to close accounts and temporarily keep the money for that exact reason. Read more of it here

- The "New Character Art Challenge" (for which I made "Adventures of Gabby") has come to an end and it´s time to vote now! Not calling out to vote for me, I´d rather appreciate if you´d take a look at the whole gallery and then decide for yourself - u -
here´s the gallery
here´s the poll
My vote goes to "Vapor Profile" by :iconthe-butcher-x:, I kinda like the whole composition (and colors!) of the picture :]

Don´t forget to check out the participants:

- That card game I´ve been drawing Berry Punch lately, "Discords Friendzy", lately has some cool T-shirts to offer, so go take a look!

- We´re up to three months of core membership now, ooooh boyo! (and by that I mean thanks a lot for a third month :D ) :iconshogundun:

- The Dark Souls-Franchise has ended! Of course there will be other games with souls-like gameplay, but as for games in the Dark Souls-world and setting, Dark Souls 3 brought it all to an end. To be honest, I prefer a good ending to a franchise WAY more than cash-cowing and milking a brand to nonexistence. And that´s why this trailer+music is very fitting for a great series like that coming to an end. I gotta create some fanart of it some day...

That´s it for now, meanwhile I´ll try to dig myself free so I can finally draw some stuff again :o
Take care!


  • Listening to: Future Funk and LoFi-Hiphop, love that new stuff
  • Reading: Pratchett, Terry: Raising Steam
  • Watching: Hunter X Hunter, Wakfu (again)
  • Playing: Skyrim - Enderal Mod
  • Eating: stuff I cook
  • Drinking: camomile tea

COREd out of nowhere!

Journal Entry: Tue Mar 7, 2017, 4:12 PM

Now look at that, I received a 1-month (EDIT: it´s 2 months now :O) CORE membership by :iconshogundun:, thanks a lot for that, buddy! I´ve always wanted to try some fancy Deviantart-CSS to level up my page here, although I still have to fiddle around a bit with it to get it to do what I want (so sorry for some of the testing-journals lately)

It seems as if my animation had a bigger impact than expected, it´s such a pleasure to see people enjoying my work and I cherish every single comment and feedback I get from it. That´s totally worth the big bunch of hours I put into this one - u -

Since college has started again now I might be a bit slower with my art in the upcoming months, nevertheless I´ll try to supply you with some new pictures here and there, keep the train rolling!

That´s it from me for now, keep your heads up, folks!



  • Listening to: Future Funk and LoFi-Hiphop, love that new stuff
  • Reading: Pratchett, Terry: Raising Steam
  • Watching: Hunter X Hunter, Wakfu (again)
  • Playing: Skyrim - Enderal Mod
  • Eating: stuff I cook
  • Drinking: camomile tea
Cowfy Gwinty by Ikarooz

Aaah, finally it´s done, I can rest in peace now - u -
I didn´t expect to make it this far, I just started with it and wanted to see where it will bring me. Took me a couple of longer nights and, thanks to my current pc problems, several crashes to finish this one. One crash once even corruped one of the psd files, making me redo some part again after I successfully restored parts of the file (corrupted file looked a bit creepy though  Corrupt Twi by Ikarooz).
I´m trying to fix that issue.

Beside of that, nothing interesting happened lately. Yep. That´s it < u <
Oh, well the Nintendo Switch was revealed lately with a couple of neat new games

And parodies followed pretty quickly :D

Welp, that´s it from me for now,
take care everybody!
  • Listening to: Future Funk and LoFi-Hiphop, love that new stuff
  • Reading: Pratchett, Terry: Raising Steam
  • Watching: Hunter X Hunter, Wakfu (again)
  • Playing: Skyrim - Enderal Mod
  • Eating: stuff I cook
  • Drinking: camomile tea
And so a new year begins, whoa. I really stuck close to my last New Years Resolution "Draw more" and I´m pleased how far regular practice brought me, there´s quite some difference in the quality and I like the direction that I´m going!


This years New Years Resolution is: "More 3D"! I´m planning to join the video game industry as a modeler and for that, I need waaaay better skills to be able to even enter this whole wonderful world of polygons and pixels. There´s still going to be pony (and maybe even 3d pone, who knows?) but I´ll focus all my powers on modeling this year. I´m not a complete freshling in that area but, phew, this is going to be a loooot of work.

2017 is in general going to be an interesting year for me. Since college is going to end this summer, I´ll need a good portfolio for a successful job hunt (thus the "More 3D" resolution) and I´ll most likely have to move to Germany for that since the video game industry in Austria is...well, let´s say it´s very humble. Until then: Ganbare!

If you´re into vector art or photography and you don´t want to spend all your riches on Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop, check out Affinity Photo (Photography) and Affinity Designer (Vector Art), it´s a quite powerful alternative

And, for the sake of pure, silly entertainment, a game called "Epic Battle Simulator" shows us how a fight between 4000 Santa Clausses vs 11.000 penguins would look like. Truly epic.

Keep your head up!
  • Listening to: potato-tan - [VRC6] Dusk's Holy Mark/An Empty Tome
  • Reading: Pratchett, Terry: Raising Steam
  • Watching: Hunter X Hunter, Wakfu (again)
  • Playing: Shantae: 1/2 Genie Hero, it´s so ADORABLE HNN
  • Eating: Too much lately, you know, christmas
  • Drinking: tea tea tea tea tea
...also, stuff I lately found on the web:

College keeps me busy, but my hoodie keeps me warm. You know what else can keep you warm? These terrible, yet hilarious pullovers they make every christmas
my personal favourite
I love those terrible designs :D

In other news: Either GAINAX is really bad at jokes or we´re in for a treat next year (Panty&Stocking)…
I´d wish for it. The show was really nice, but there was barely any hope for a second season.

I also can´t wait for the new Shantae-game, I loved "Pirate´s Curse" and am eager to play this one aswell. Nice jump n run, great music and cute artwork. Also, temmie has been working on some animations aswell and they look absolutely top notch <3

and finally, to bring some christmas spirit into all of this, get a load of this video

and now get yourself some hot cocoa or coffee, don´t worry, if somebody asks, just say that Ike told you so.

Enjoy your snowy (or just cold) days!
  • Listening to: charlie toØ human-that"just got home fromwork
  • Reading: Pratchett, Terry: Raising Steam
  • Watching: Hunter X Hunter to relax, always with a buddy
  • Playing: Titanfall 2 and soon: Shantae: 1/2 genie hero :>
  • Eating: my mums cookies
  • Drinking: tea tea tea tea tea
Nothing too new or interesting from my side here, college started and I´m again busy working on some stuff. Nevertheless, I´ve found some cool stuff on the web which I´d like to share with you!

First of all:
The new and freshly introduced Nintendo console "Nintendo Switch" is looking really cool so far. Compared to other companies, Nintendo really has some guts to try out new stuff and I really appreciate that. Let´s just hope it will be easier for developers to make games for it, because that was one of the main problems of the WiiU. Performance-wise, Nintendo has also learned a bunch: Nintendo is cooperating with NVIDIA (being the only console now powered by NVIDIA hardware). NVIDIA´s long time research has lately paid off and they´ve developed some really well technologies, a proof of that could be the new GTX Titan graphics card which is pretty much the BOMB. And, well, the WiiU always was known for bad graphics (compared to other consoles), so: good decision, Nintendo, you´re doing your homework! Have a look at their reveal trailer:

Here are some neat animations I´ve found:

I´ve totally missed this years TOR animator expo (Japan)! Every year there´s at least 1 or 2 animations which really catch my eye, this year: "I can Friday by day!"

And look at this crazy bunch. I bet half my butt that this is going viral within the next month. Also, here´s the tumblr of the artist

(also, I KNEW that I´ve heard a snippet of this song years ago in some remix:

some guy called otaking showing off some 2d animation experiments with the help of 3d reference

by the way, if you´ve always wanted to do some voxel-based artwork, try MAGICA VOXEL: it´s free, very good and smaller than 5MB in total. And you can do pretty cool stuff with it

That´s all for now,
Keep ramblin´, folks!
  • Listening to: Emforay - Dream Fiction [Lifeup LP]
  • Reading: Pratchett, Terry: Raising Steam
  • Watching: nothing actually
  • Playing: Killing Floor 2 with wacky music in the background
  • Eating: mostly spaghetti with sugo lately, fast and good
  • Drinking: Plenty. You know, college parties :D
title says everything: I´m going to be way more active from mid september on again, since this summer has been pretty busy for me :o

also, there´s a special commission I´ve been working for quite a while now finally coming to an end, I pretty much used all my tricks to make this one as good as I could, you´ll be able to see it yourself soon - v - EDIT: It´s out!

Unbenannt by Ikarooz

For all the ponyfans: don´t forget to check out my tumblr and picarto-stream which you can find below, I´m more active there than on DA lately :o

Keep ramblin´, folks!
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  • Reading: Schwanitz, Dietrich - The History of Europe
  • Watching: Steven Universe, RE ZERO, mlp:fim
  • Playing: Of Kings and Men
  • Eating: Everything my mum is cooking
I´m going to be in Cologne from tomorrow on for two bigger events:

A game developers conference, it´s mostly a meetup with lectures, discussions and a lot of information exchange. It´s a vital hotspot if you want to know what the pros in the industry are currently doing.

One of the biggest video gaming conventions worldwide. New games, developer talks, presentations, cosplayers, you name it!

So sadly no streams next week from my side, see y´all soon!

  • Listening to: Fatlip - What's Up Fatlip
  • Reading: Schwanitz, Dietrich - The History of Europe
  • Watching: Steven Universe, RE ZERO
  • Playing: Dark Souls 3
  • Eating: Everything my mum is cooking

To be fair, I haven´t been that active in the past years; I rather spent my time scribbling on some paper than working digital. I´m really, REALLY glad that I tried streaming at the beginning of this year. Since then, I´ve been WAY more productive, improved a LOT and drawing all in all has become way more fun than it used to be. But there´s still a long way to go, I´m still quite far away of becoming the top tier artist I want to be. Nevertheless, I´d be happy if you´d join me on that journey - u -

The last two months were pretty intense, I had to finish a lot of college work and wrap some things up, but the summer is finally here now. For the summer I´m going to move from the college dorm here back to my mums place and I hope the internet there will be sufficient enough to let me do my streams (otherwise I´ll just lower the overall video quality a bit, thankfully, streaming art doesn´t really require that much upload volume than f.e. streaming games). You can expect some art for the upcoming 2-3 months :>
and maybe even finally some 3d stuff? :iconicameplz:

What else happened:

- Some of you may know that I´m a big fan of the cRPG mod of the game "Mount and Blade: Warband". The guys behind that mod have been working on an own game based on that mod for the past few years and managed to get a publisher for it aswell. It´s still really an early build (alpha, pre-alpha?), but the small community and I know these guys and they´re very diligent and highly motivated to make this become a thing. I´m really curious of what this game will become in the next 1-2 years. Here´s a trailer

- OH GOD FINALLY. Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord! We´ve been waiting an ETERNITY for that. There´s some gameplay for it here

- Enderal. This isn´t a simple Skyrim-Mod anymore. It´s a whole own game with Skyrim as a fundament; these kind of mods are called "total conversion"-mods and are pretty uncommon. But Enderal is a bigger fish than just that: 4 years of development, Triple-A voice actors, professional developers. The german version has been released a week ago, the english version will still take some weeks to finish, but if you´re into Skyrim or the Elder Scrolls in general, please, do have a look:

- System Shock 3 in development, System Shock 1 Remake in development…
Beautiful. J-j-j-j-jjjjJJJ+0jjust b-bbbeauti-ti-ful. For those who don´t know what I´m talking about: System Shock 2 was pretty much the reason why the franchise "Bioshock" exists today.

Keep ramblin´, folks!
  • Listening to: Fatlip - What's Up Fatlip
  • Reading: Metro 2035, hadn´t had the time lately
  • Watching: Steven Universe, Hero Academia, Kabaneri, RE ZERO
  • Playing: Space Beast Terror Fright. Cheesy name, good game
WELL THANKS SMATBUTT > :iconsmatsuki: <

just kiddin´ :D


0) Open
1) Switch to "All regions" and "All types"
2) Switch to "1"
3) For each question, generate a Pokémon, and use it as the answer. Then comment about it  
4) PLEASE TAG SOMEONE! This is the only way the meme can get around 
5) Post these rules

1. This is you

Oh god I haven´t played pokemon in years, what up with the rotor blades around my mouth? Have I been snacking a plane? Please tell me I´ve been snacking a plane.

2. This pokemon is your rival


3. This pokemon is deeply in love with you
if I was a pokemon, this one would actually make a pretty rad gf. I´m cool with that B)

4. This pokemon is stalking you

5. This pokemon just stole your cake
It´s alright, now I finally have a reason to break into his house when he´s on a holiday trip. I. Never. Forget.

6. This is your Lab partner
I´ve had lab partners in rl who looked exactly like that; they were great partners :D

7. This is your best friend
That´s what he may say, but I only use him to get better job offers. No really, I mean look at him. Ugh.

8. This pokemon is about to fight you
I respect Seakings. They´re pretty dang amazing creatures. Still, he´s gonna get one hell of a beating >:]

9. This pokemon will do anything to get your shoes
Is it because of the sweat? It must be because of the sweat. I don´t know. I´m just happy that I got this guy who literally pays my college just for a smelly pair of sneakers.

10. This pokemon is currently hiding in your house
*sigh* This one is going to be a nuisance to get rid of

11. This pokemon is your pet
I don´t really have pet spiders, but I try not to hurt spiders since they´re super useful and cute. Really, give them old ladies names and suddenly they´re super cute. I´ll call this one "Augusta"

12. This is your new roommate 

I hope he´s up for party hard. Because my roommates duty is being up for party hard. Hand me my Whiskey.

13. This is your new boss
Hears everything I suppose? I really hope he/she likes dark humor, otherwise I´ll be out of that company within a day :D

14. This pokemon watches you while you sleep at night
I don´t care, whatever floats your boat, buddy

15. This pokemon is scared of you

16. This pokemon is about to perform surgery on you
This thing is called "Genesect", which sorta sounds like "dissect" already. Look at him, he was BORN for that job. If he can´t sew me back together, nobody can!

17. You have to babysit this pokemon all night
I´ll just put it into a basket, put something heavy onto the basket and go watch TV

18. This pokemon loves sleeping on your head

19. This pokemon envies you
I bet this pokemon pretty much envies everything. I mean look at it. Nobody wants to be born that way.

20. Use this pokemon to tag some people
This is my new hitman and his moustache is already worth his price.
i tag Jedi515 and MorrodertheFreakyGuy 
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Just wanted to tell that I´m back and online again, Stuttgart was the bomb and I surely learned some new tricks there, there´s also some new stuff that I want to try out :D Pixar and Disney got some crazy cool ways to do their work, was visiting some of their talks aswell.

Also, you can´t escape pony:

"A glimpse into the world of fan projects" by Andreas Feix, a talk about fan projects and how big they can get. Of course, some productions of those technicolor donkeys were also involved (more pics on my tumblr). All in all he did a good job there.

And since there wasn´t only the FMX with all the tech talk, but also the ITFS with all those short films, I was able to see a lot of cool new stuff, one of my favs: Afternoon Class (just a trailer though, can´t find the whole thing ;P )

Oh, and good thing I haven´t seen "Over the Garden Wall" yet, since I was able to see the whole series on a big screen aswell *awesomesauce*

Oh, and SanRenard is throwing out new animations again, seems as if he´s back for sure. Sweet.

Keep ramblin´, folks!

Oh look, a

free 7 day Character Design E-Course

"Draw with courage" is a new online e-course for character design master classes and their first course is for free as long as you sign up in time! IMPROVE YOUR SKILLS PEOPLE!

>>>> Also don´t forget that commissions are open! <<<<

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This is going to be a bumpy ride O o O

I´m going to be absent for the upcoming week (25th to 1st) since I´m going to be in Stuttgart at the FMX and ITFS, which are two huge events (conference and festival), all about 2D and 3D animation.

I´m already pretty excited and curious about these events, this is going to be an interesting week :)

Rock on, folks!
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