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I've been in the business for over ten years now. Met a lot of people and truly its about as much fun as you can imagine. Here are some examples of my work.
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Twisting her arms and flexing her knees, my pet tugs against the snug leather cuffs holding her wrists and ankles akimbo toward the four corners of her bed, as she enjoys the sexy nature of her captivity. The ointment I had smeared upon her girly bits and her nipples an hour ago has been gradually increasing the warmth and tingles it transmits deep into those sensitive and responsive tissues. Her hips rock and churn with erotic restlessness, the need growing deep within her for my return and the hope that I will touch her, play with her, tease her. She knows me, though. She knows I won't be quick to grant her the climax she so greedily hungers for. But, she also understands that I'm quite likely to eventually grant her that pinnacle of pleasure. Likely, yes, but not guaranteed. She also knows she may well spend the night unfulfilled, her gnawing desire preventing her from easily finding sleep. But, sleep always comes, eventually.

She stops chewing against her tightly applied ballgag, and halts all her movement, straining to hear a sound that isn't part of the ordeal she currently enjoys. There it is again. It sounds like the bushes scratching against the window as they might in a strong wind, but a shorter burst of that sound than one might expect to occur naturally. Lifting her head off the pillow, she looks down her naked body to the window, expecting to see distant lights twinkling in the darkness, far beyond the bushes. But there, dimly illuminated by the half light in the room, just on the other side of the glass, she discovers the face of a stranger, eyes staring back at her, fixated upon her helpless predicament.

Her eyes wide in sudden terror, she screams against the rubber sphere filling her mouth as she tugs vehemently against the straps that prevent her from finding any slack to use toward her very necessary freedom. The bed rattles against the floor as she battles fiercely, yet in futility, against her nighttime bondage. Between her screaming and thrashing about, it isn't more than a few moments before the door opens, and her owner enters the room.

Julanni steps over, quickly surveying the physical details of the situation. Her pet's fists are clenched, toes spread wide, furiously fighting the unrelenting restraints that normally make her happy. Julanni sees her pet's eyes trained upon the far wall, and she looks in that direction.

The outside face is smiling, wide-eyed, excited by the erotic drama playing out within the room beyond the glass. The voyeur can even hear most of the sounds within the room. Expecting anger and defensive posturing, the unexpected visitor is surprised as the diminutive domina smiles and waves hello.

Grinning mischievously, Julanni raises her voice to the face in the window. "Would you like to better hear what's going on?" As the face nods an affirmative response, Julanni approaches, unlocks the window and raises the sash, removing the partition of glass and, thus, allowing the visitor, to a limited degree, to become a part of the activity within the room. As she steps back toward the bed again, she looks back to her audience. "I'm so thankful that you're watching, Ikkie, because it's always more fun when I force my pet to cum while a stranger is observing her."

Lifting a wand vibrator, Julanni grins wickedly back over her shoulder to the new friend, before leaning into her erotic task.

Hello, Ikaras. (I'm reeling a bit from having my mind blown, but first, the pleasantries.) I just wanted to thank you for adding my short story, Fashionably Bound, to your collection of favorite art and literature from around deviantArt. I always appreciate the positive attention.

But, now that I've held it together for this long, OMG! you're really Ikaras Jones? I didn't know you were here on dA! I've been a fan of your work since the first time I had seen your name credited to the wonderful bondage photography I have enjoyed for so very long. I am among those who consider you one of the legends of the early days of transitioning from magazines to websites, and from VHS to mpegs. I'm amazed to simply meet you here.

Oh, and seeing as you're birthday is coming up soon, before I get too busy and miss it, happy birthday to you when it comes, and enjoy your day. I hope to see you around the site.

Happy Birthday! 😁
Happy birthday!