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No way, I'm going to enter in Banjo's Backpack Community (formerly: Rareware Central, a Web Page with forums and more, dedicated for Rareware and Playtonic Games fans), and the notice was appeared!

I'm going to be sad, and I'm not sue if my Thread of I posted from my Nintendo 64 General MIDI Soundfont was lost.....

Now, Banjo's Backpack was lost for together, the rareware fans. Hotaru-chan Crying Icon  And also, Banjo and Kazooie was reacted to this notice.

Is NOT Time for jokes, If you want to watch this notice, Is really true, IS NOT FAKE:…

And I was submitted my N64 Soundfont on Musical-Artifacts and YouTube:…

I'M NOT THE ONLY PERSON WAS JOINED IN BANJO'S BACKPACK, my brother :iconpikaforce:pikaforce and :iconconkanat:ConkaNat were Joined in Banjo's Backpack too.

Banjo and Kazooie MMD Models made by

Banjo and Kazooie are belongs to Nintendo (formerly), Rare Ltd., Microsoft Corporation and Greeg Mayles

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Any chance you could re-up the Banjo and Kazooie MMD models? The source link is broken.