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By Ikameka
The dreaded Gibkin of Europa
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love it! reminds me of a goblin shark
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Reminds me of the gobelin shark! I love your work, what program do you use if I may ask?
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thanks! yeah very inspired by the goblin shark. I use ZBrush :)
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You are a killer !
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why does this remind me of the final boss in Kingdom hearts? That thing also crept the fuck outta me.
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Arynn: Hello, nightmares......
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this looks so real,,, you are so cool
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Looks like something from Pacific Rim.
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Looks like the rejected offspring of a goblin shark and chupacabra.
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I also thought 'goblin shark' upon seeing this... chubacabra wouldn't have occurred to me at first, but that's a good and scary combination no matter how you think about it. :)
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I think I just shit my pants... 'O-o
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You just KNOW that someone is going to make a penis joke about the shape of his chin and nose eventually.
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self fulfilling prophecy haha
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I bet it has a great sense of smell!
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wud be a great b movie
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