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Elder 2

By Ikameka
('o' )
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Um... Where are the eyes, where are the nostrils? Wait, are the nostrils eyes and the eyes, nostrils? BRILLIANT!
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What happens when the Pale Man from Pan's Labyrinth takes heroin.
TzOrr's avatar
not sure if want

amazing work though
kalivana's avatar
this is brilliant...absolutely gorgeous work !!:clap:
Gardela's avatar
great job man, I could say as who got that skin tone?
mecharune's avatar
Wrinkly awesomeness :boogie:
MelancholyLobster's avatar
Amazing! You should make the concept art for the band "tools" music videos
Reira-Xai's avatar
cruelangeltesis's avatar
Scary awesome stuff!!!
doctanx0013's avatar
Love ur work fren :),,,, beautiful detail
Sleetwealth's avatar
Oh wow ! :melt:.. that is exquisite!
emilyonthehunt's avatar
:faints: So scary so good!!
pasheen's avatar
I love your work! Can you contact me, please, asap? My direct email is: I would like to use one of your images for my book. Thank you so much.

glitch-IA's avatar
Great sculpt kurt! any chance you can drop me a link to where I can get the matcap you used during the creation of this sculpt in your youtube video~~ :D
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Hey! Thanks :D

I just used skinshade 4 with wax modifier on. I also just chose an offwhite color for my palette :]
glitch-IA's avatar
haha oh god thats embarassing xD I didnt realise its already in here haha thanks kurt :)
Ikameka's avatar
Leifa's avatar
cool, like the texture and the shader :D

what program are you using?
Ikameka's avatar
Thanks! Zbrush :]
Leifa's avatar
zbrush's the beeest :D I didn't know that you could play with depth of field like that in zbrush. Or is it edited in ps?
Ikameka's avatar
All in Zbrush :] Look into the BPR Filters in the Render menu, use the Blur filter, and play with the Depth options. :D
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I'm not even go into trying to say how good it looks.....its perfect.I hate
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