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Class Mascot

By Ikameka
Hey everyone! Thought I would share this here.

This is a little creature my students at LCAD use to learn ZBrush techniques and workflows. They get to choose from a variety of little monster designs like this one, and add to the design with mechanical parts and accessories.

Exploring subjects like creature design, anatomy, detail, mechanical construction, subtools, subdivisions, Dynamesh, ZBrush interface, polypaint, rendering, and a bunch of other tools.
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i like this monster :D
great work !

regards bernd
Hey, man is that a online class?
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Hey! Thanks for all the nice comments :) This is for a college course I teach at Laguna College of Art and Design.
Oh, NO PROBLEM! I bumped into a piece or two of yours about a year ago on the net, and lost track of your work... Glad I was able to find it again, its great stuff man!

I was trying to see if it was a physical class or a remote online class, I see you are doing a bunch with Gumroad, and other online learning resources... don't know if this i s a statement or question..meh
Dmofosho's avatar
Gorgeous little critter :)

I kinda hope his name is Nomz...
Up vote, Nomz!
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polerix's avatar
that's a species i'd play
FelidaeCat's avatar
great idea. :D like this....sea...creature...robot..thing xD
electrojag's avatar
real original. you have talent

adelunia's avatar
You shold make games or movies ;P Amezing work!
just take my money pliz!
JakobSohm's avatar
Class mascot...?
Je-huty's avatar
this is fantastically weird, great work!
SharkaBlarg's avatar
Robot + Alien = AWESOME
DeadSlug's avatar
This is just awesome :la:
Alex271's avatar
i think i had a nightmare where a creature very similar to this was chasing me and tried to eat my face off
flaketom's avatar
Looks amazing!
Krodil's avatar
great textures! care to elab.?
Ikameka's avatar
not necessarily, but thank you!
Krodil's avatar
they are really great. painted in zbrush or exported maps for PS?
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