Indie Thang: Komikon 2011 (part 3)

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This is just a mini/bullet-notso-review of some of the indies I bought.  May contain spoilers.

:iconlady-storykeeper:  Dragon Kid  #4
The story is picking up now, but considering all 4 issues, the pace is pretty fast.  I like the way the facial expression were drawn.  I'm quite intruigued now... :3

Uy! Comics: Segovia Solutions #1  -- Jerald Uy and Jether Amar
The art style is nice.  I got  a little confused with the storytelling.  I only understood the concept after reading the editorial note at the back. It would be nice if the author explained what Segovia Solutions is (in the beginning, or at the inside frontcover), and then the service...It would at least give me an inkling about what's going on, and who's chasing who.  Some details were skipped, which what probably confused me.  Hopefully there would be more establishing story elements in the next isuue...  ^_^;

Work in Progress #1 -- Hub Pacheco and :iconlagunapavon:
For a slice of life comic, the authors did a pretty interesting treatment for the story.  The script is is also good.  The "Geek Talk" part, however, alienated me. ..I almost thought of skipping the whole bit.  Could be because I'm more into manga than US comics, but its probably because there's so much text that I can't relate to.  The 2nd "Geek Talk"...Of course I can relate to it, but too much text still made it difficult to read, and could serve its purpose as a separate page.  But like I said, the makers did a really good job with the story treatment.   The blue ink is a plus.  Let's see what happens to the guy in the next ish.

Lightbox Universe 0: Orbit -- Sherwin Frederick Uy, E. Santisas and J. Torrevillas
Lightbox is the only full color comic I in the stash (monotones not counted).  The story is alright, and the art is also okay.  However, the reader is dropped in the middle of the story.  Although I appreciate writers keeping some mystery, it's a little too short for a first chapter, and there's very little character buildup.  I'll expect that next ish... ^_^;

Lightbox Universe 0: Frontman
Although the lead character was not introduced in detail, the chapter served as an ample teaser for the next issue.  It was s good start.  Nice colors too. :)

Windmills #4 -- Josel Nicholas
The issue talks mostly about the protagonist missing his girl, and his life in general.  The art is really nice, so is the pacing.  The script was nicely written, and it takes some skill to make an uninterrupted flow in storytelling (despite changing scenes, and removing the captions), which made it easy to read.   It's nice peek into this author's mind, and I appreciate him sharing it. :)

:iconkurohiko: Karma
The pace and story is okay.  I could actually imagine this title having a crossover story with Mark 9 Verse 47, since they have the same mood.  The script is also good, and the action scenes flow nicely.

:iconmushroomtale:  Souldice
The details in the lineart are really nice.  Some of the tones got in the way of the lineart, which made it a little dirty, but I can let that go.  Nice storytelling too.  The comic's also filled with good looking people.   ^_^

:iconmelcasipit:  Balitok: Kagubatan
The comic takes on an environmental theme.   The story is okay. The layout is a bit crowded, and shots are too tight (or the panels are too small), especially during fight scenes.    This is an early work, so I'll leave my critiques at that.

:iconmelcasipit:  Balitok: Love Sorrow
This is a one day love story…almost.  The pacing is fine.  I wish there more scenes that show them talking to each other (heart to heart talk), and really enjoying each other's company.  Lacking those moments prevented me from getting attached to the characters.  Nonetheless, it's still a nice story.  J

:iconmelcasipit:  Balitok: Payt 4 Lab
I enjoyed this story the most.  It's funny, and I liked the punchline.  :D

There's around 9 more titles, and 4 more anthologies to go.   Still a lot to go over.

Stay tuned for the next round…

--joanah t.c.


:iconmikekeke:  Kanto inc. 1-3/Fresh
Rawwr -- Vol. 2


Cresci Prophecies
Vol 1. (340) -- compiled 1-8, note me or e-mail for orders
Vol. 2 (390)-- compiled 9-16
Vol. 3 (410) -- compiled 17-24

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Comic Odyssey (Robinson's Galleria)
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Books Wagon Experiments (see link -->… address)
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....AND Comic related conventions... ^_^v

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Thank you for the review. :) of windmills. :) means a lot to me.