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Influence Map Meme JTC



I tried to stick to the format:

Old inked drawing/lithographs - I love the details...

Art Noveau
Really elegant and clean lineart.

My first manga love. I picked up Mamoru's character design more than Takeuchi's girls.

I saw a page of Rayearth in a magazine back in HS when I was hooked with Sailormoon. Layouts and details mah luv...also picked up the character design of the Clamp guys.

Ah my Goddess!
The hair~! Too bad I didn't pick up anything else from this style... ;_;
Picked up something from Urd's design...I love her the most...;9

I'd like to think blocking..and the inks...

I had pets before, and I used to mark every animal pic in our old encyclopedia just in case I needed references...

Tim Burton
One of the odd balls in my list, taps my dark side... *grins*

Traditional Indie Animation
Animation is really my first love and I love the animated shorts I watched on TV when I was a kid, and during my college days in animation class...
(the one in the picture is Mclaren, one of my faves).

Classical Artists
Particularly Rodin (sensual sculpts) Rembrandt (light vs. dark), Da Vinci (fine rendering)...
What? You don't see it? Take a look at Homer Rembrandt in the pic..that kind of influence... :P

Brian Froud
Probably my favorite fantasy artist. If you had the chance of seeing his Faerie book, the pencil sketches make me drool. He's also involved in major concept designs of the LOTR movie trilogy.

My sister
I learned a lot of techniques from her. I just wish she draws more often...


Disney Studios

When I was a kid, I wanted to be an animator in the Disney studios.
I buy the "Art of..." series by Hyperion for 2 reasons. One, is because I like the films, and 2, I can read about their creative process and initial concepts that never made it but led to the final look of the films. Picking their brains if you will...
Animators draw differently, I pick up lots of techniques that make my drawing life easier...

I shouldv'e included narumi Kakinouchi...(vampire princess miyu)
Old? Nah...CLASSIC. :9
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Alphonse Mucha! fave ko din yan sa details! :D