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UMVC3: Phoenix Wright

Phoenix Wright, Maya and Missile from Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3
Phoenix Wright
Phoenix Wright / Naruhodo, Maya, Missile, Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom3 are property of Marvel, Capcom.…
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Here's my first use of this guys, as you can see, Maya's hand looks so weird D: Do you know how to fix that?…
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Hey can i ask what for a Model program you used? I would do it for MMD too there :(
(Ace Attorney Fan is vwv)
Ayaka25's avatar
it's for XNALara/XPS, you need to convert it to make it works on MMD though
VeraEdgeworth's avatar
Oh okay and what for a Model programm you used? owo
I need for my own there but these models what you make is great! :D
f117lionhartgordon's avatar
i can't open it, do i need something for this to work? as when i open the application part, it just opens a black screen for 2 seconds and then disappears, please help!
iK1L73r's avatar
this a and all my other models only work for xnalara/XPS, google it
Lonel-g's avatar
I can't open the model...
Could you convert it in someting like obj, or directx, please?
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Hi, it´s me again. Well, i used Naruhoudo & Maya yesterday, and i noticed some things that bugged me:

-There´s some weird skin problem on the hands, where there are small squares that are shinier than the others.
- By the model, the legs can´t be moved to much since they generate some black triangles (textures collisions or the model itself?)
- They need the "Head Lip Corner" bones for better expressions
- Their eyes act kinda funny when they orientate on 45° or more
- The shadows on the inside side of the legs (understandable by the effect of MAHVEL BABY!)
- Fingers are kinda blocky

Well, that´s all i noticed while using him so far. Not intended to be a crush or something, just to let you know some things that could be fixed, in another words, constructive criticism. Still, as i said before, thanks for porting one of the best chars on videogame history EVER for me.

Take care bro :)
iK1L73r's avatar
ahh well
-the hands skin thing ill fix it, its just a flipped normals problem.
-what causes the legs thing is rigging i doubt i ever fix it
-the mouth corner models always gives me trouble, thats why i stopped using it but ill see if i can do something.
-the eyes are a flat mesh so they are not expected to pose too good but i think there is someting i can do.
-thats bleders fault, not mine.
-the fingers, im not doing anything for them.
That said ill update it ASAP
iK1L73r's avatar
looks very good ;)
NekoHybrid's avatar
Thanks. Can't wait until Strider Hiryu is available.
SOLIDCAL's avatar
I only have one bad thing to say about this. Phoenix isn't meant to have two gold pins on his collar. He only has one on his left side (right side to us when looking at this pic) Other than that this is great. Great you included Maya and Missle too! :)
iK1L73r's avatar
i didnt knew that XD, though i doubt i update it
SOLIDCAL's avatar
Well if there is nothing under the gold button you could always just delete that part off. That is if your program doesn't make you re-rig the whole thing.
iK1L73r's avatar
no it is no trouble to remove it but im too lazy to do dat XD
SOLIDCAL's avatar
Well if you can stop being lazy for one sec I am sure me and many other people who pay attention to the little things uld appreciate it XD
iK1L73r's avatar
its NOT only that im lazy, i also have school, homework, gym, videogames and as any other living being i need to rest
SOLIDCAL's avatar
Never said it was a "do it right now" thing. I know people are busy. Plus you was joking about being lazy so I went on from that so calm down. Anyway good work on the models as they appear now.
iK1L73r's avatar
lol i wasnt upset
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