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RE8 doodless

Still waiting for Pewds' new RE8 video/stream ❤️ The meanwhile I drew this in class 😣❤️ We need more Ethan fan arts!
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Oooohh this is so nice!

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I call the "Holy water" 'Goop Juice'. (Got it from Markiplier)

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His hands oof. X'D

The baby’s face thi

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i just finished watching that on Daz games XD

Oop o have no idea who that is XD

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poor ethan i want him back :,(

Ethan's hand is the most abused character in the entire resident evil franchise lol

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now that I know that you like resident evil I love you even more :DD

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His poor hand/arm just cant get a break
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Also Wendell what do you think of our lovely tall lady? ..... I'm watching Mark's play though... can you tell 🤣🤣
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Ethan Winters is Anakin Skywalker at this point
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Ethan just isn’t allowed to have hands this is a fact

also your style is so freaking adorable everyone is so squish and I wanna hug

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RE8 in a nut

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*looks at the smoll baby skecth* should I think its cute? Or should I be terrified of that smile?
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Omg this is pure gold! I love how you can see just how exhausted and done he is through this little comments XD

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