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Creepypasta x Hazbin Hotel

Some people suggested me to do so, uGhhhh why not 👌😂 I'm curious too.
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If it were Helluva Boss, I'd say Jeff would be the perfect Blitzo. Mostly based on the comics I've seen where Jeff is an asshole.

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hello OwO I have subscribed to your channel (I'm your younger viewer)

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Do I see Link?

DoomSlayer2406's avatar
Its ben drown dude
floofybunz's avatar

Oh my gosh this looks amazing! I'm such a big fan!

Yes, this is amazing it has two things I love

TiTaMEXico's avatar

Es bellisimo :3, sigue asi!

Oh meh good! I love this X3
MrSodaPopCandy's avatar

dare you to make an Angel Dust, Ticci-Toby hybrid!

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Aww, they all look so cute:love:

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Sally is adorable! Cute Emoticon Blushing

SSJ3MJ's avatar

Love this style of them.

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nice job on drawing Jane Richardson (Jane the Killer) there :D
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who is the role of charlie the others I differentiate it is very cool you should make a video

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Prob Sally, she's just a bundle of joy like Charlie.

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maybe Sally or Ben will, i don't know, but i know Ben or Sally is going to be Niffty, Jane is going to be Veggie, Jeff is obviously going to be Alastor, but i dont know about Toby, he's not like Husk nor Angel Dust. But i agree that @ijustwannahavefunn should make a video about it!

Mellfazguer's avatar

Áaaaaahhhhhhh xd cute

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Jesus, could you imagine tho? The scarynoodles being the characters for Hazbin?? I think Hell'd be an understatement..

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Ahhh they look fantastic!
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