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q: hades

By ijur
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despite how awful the movie was, I still root for hades:|
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ijur A few years ago, I came across this awesome, awesome painting - and made a slightly altered version of it for a game concept I was running. Would you give me permission to including my derivative in content I might publish? :)
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I like your use of soft strokes so that it looks soft, but eery at the same time. Well done.
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i so HATE how they mixed myths. and of course, so many idiots who never knew greek mythology will believe... ARHG!!! my hate is eternal.

p.s. if you like him, i guess you would like me,too.
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Now THIS is how Hades should look.
wonderful work
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this is a very cool peace! however in this movie they make him be the bad guy, when actually he maybe the the underworld god that doesn't mean that he is evil, in fact he has compassion for others and actually cares for others well being. unless you try to escape or try and break a soul out of the underworld then he will inflict serious hell.
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Have you seen Wrath of the Titans? Mythology may be dreadfully incorrect, but... still a great depiction of Hades. Not handsome, but old. And gaunt. And very dark in general.. But, their Hades makes sense... pissed that he was given the worse out of the three.
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Yeah,I definitly have to agree on that one; the movie was pure awesomness!:love: :love: :love:
But your picture is cool none the less...:heart:
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I disagree, I think the movie was amazing, but you're right: Hades was awesome! ^^
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Didn't we all secretly hope Hades would win?
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I hope so '_'
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Damn it, hit the button too soon. This is beautifully done. I love that you included the red eyes. His eyes were only red once in the film, and that was a shame. I'm faving this, I love it so much.
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thx :)
he is badass indeed
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Hell yes. He was the best thing about it.
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I hate this movie, but for Hades everything, OK? This is really cool...
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Just awesome! :heart:
(and yes, Hades was the best thing in the film...him and Medusa.)
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hadesnya nongol kayak hutan habis kebakar.... asap dimana2....
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kena satu lemparan ilang jugak @@" ga kaya pas lawan medusa aja....
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soalnya critical hit :|
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hahha..zeusnya norak ya. bling..bling. hades yg sangar. nice job!
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zeusnya udah kayak saint saiya live action :D
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mwahahah..bnr. baru keingat.
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whoa! *claping really hard* :XD:
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