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oh the irony...

By ijur
If you guys know/remember, more than a year ago good men from ubiworkhsop held a project called "charte blanche". It's a project under the popular game title Assassin's Creed. It's like an art contest depicting the game on our own. Most fortunately, my (this) piece was selected, so I was informed that I'll offered contract or something and it's important to keep this work confidential.

But after a long time, there's no follow up regarding this project. At first they said it will be an artbook. There was no artbook. Then they announced to bring this project (not particularly my artwork) on Assassin's Creed Encyclopedia. But until first shipping on this month I haven't been contacted, so I presume I don't make it. I e-mailed them but there was no answer. I've been wondering if any other selected works still held like mine. I'm under impression that this project was scrapped.

I know it's ironic for me to fussing about this. I'm just mediocre artist unlike Mullins or Gabz (checkout their works on this project, solid gold). But I made my piece with effort, so if they disrespect my artwork, irony can shut the fuck up.
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Don't get yourself down, this is amazing!
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Great piece! mediocre?! You must be kidding me ;)
This is the future of the AC Universe
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mau link yang buatan mullins sama gabz itu dong... hehehe.
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cari aja di google kk
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Wonderful piece. Love the colour and composition. Sorry to hear about what happened. :(
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Great movement!
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feel ya bro. This piece though is awesome
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Cool! I love the composition and limited color palette. That energetic orange contrasting with a neutral background was a great choice! I've never even played Assassin's Creed
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It's a great piece, though. I should also mention the first thing that came to my mind wasn't really Ubisoft, but Eidos...
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great ghreat work
"mediocre" yeah right :lol:
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Amazing work on the composition, movement, poses and colors, it's quite sad those guys don't know how to treat an artist respectfully (i don't necessarily mean everyone at Ubisoft but probably the ones responsible for this so-called project XD), still ... fantastic work ^_^
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This is amazing. :heart:
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ijin Fav-nya ya bang :D
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This is a brilliant piece of work. I don't know why they didn't include it in the artbook. Maybe there was a mix up? Anyway, you should be really proud of this :D
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wui asik keren nih!!!!!
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Hey, I got my carte blanche book yesterday. Unfortunately, I didn't see your artwork in there. But it sure as shit SHOULD have been in there. :noes:

Sorry mate!

But I still think your idea is definitely the most creative out of all I've seen in the book so far. ;)
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Well, thanx anyway dude :)
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gpp jur, bukannya ini dah jadi artwork di kartu nama lu?
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