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Decepticon : Aftermath

By ijur
"...reatreating from planet Earth after the annihilation of The Fallen, Soundwave meets Thundercracker at the rendevouz point..."

oh yes, we I vote Thundercracker for the next Transformer movie!!
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Your work is Amazing and featured in my blog.
Here >>[link]

Saad Masood
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This is how TRANSFORMERS should have been...
theyre speculating he'll be in dark of the moon! possibly as a few scenes sence soundwave will be in the third movie as a secondary character instead of a cameo
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I like your Thundercracker. Like, a lot!!!
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it's not mine, it's based from the official movie sequel comic book
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Well, I like how accurate is then.
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that's Thundercracker? wow. you did such an awesome job on him and of Soundwave. the whole art is nothing but awesome!
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ha ha ha! i already seen this and I can't believe I don't remember!
awwww i'd love to see tcracker in dotm, he's my favourite of the seekers :D
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I want thundercracker too! :P
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damn, that's really really nice!
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Me too! Me too! Absolutely gorgeous handling of the metal highlights and the perspective is really cool too. Not to mention the insane amount of detail which you make very very crisp and clean. Epic job.
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keren. pake apa buatnya ?
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sotopop ? apa tu ? photoshop ?
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iya photoshop :D
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robotnya buat sendiri ?
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ada referensinya sih :)
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oh wow! That is amazing!
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Thundercracker? I sure by his body design its Starscream.
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