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angry birds

By ijul
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they are angry
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Matilda looks more sad than angry.
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Its got this vibe of "Now that you know our secret. You know we cannot let you live...."
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that looks epic i like it
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Yeah need 2 more blue birds!
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Very angry birds! Very good drawing!
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this looks so cute
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The characters changed, and Matilda has Pink cheeks instead of yellow, her eyebrows are smaller, and her eyes are shining.
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Good job with the details, but where are the White Bird's wings?
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These...are...adorable. ;w; Love their realistic version. Awesome work!
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Those birds scare me...:fear:
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Sweet! I love that game, and I love how you portrayed them as more realistic birds.
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I love that you did them with feet & wings like proper birds :)
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blue bird= breaks into 2 more birds
black bird= heavy damage/explodes
red bird= standard damage
yellow bird=can accelerate in mid air/ slightly more damage than red bird
white bird=large damage/can shoot eggs
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HA, ha, ha!!!
They're awesome!
Love it.
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Who will win humans or zombie-like mutants in a Futureistic setting
Drains vs Zeplen
take a side at sebastian199
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They Angry Birds.
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Cool! This is awesome! Love it! :D
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