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December 5, 2011
See Iron Man in a totally different light in Symbiote Ironman by ~ijul.
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Symbiote Ironman

so, stark pissed off because of black widow's naked pics scattered all over interweb, (i kid :D)
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warriorsofskaro1010's avatar
This looks more like Iron Man's Soul Edge Armor.
anonymousperfection's avatar
Holy shit... I get it.

"Kills the people he once saved"
alithking's avatar
Cool and badass artwork, well done. Clap Headbang! 
SheTheTDE's avatar
Looks like Tony with his disbelief in magic and insistence that everything is technology built a suit of armor out of demonic chitin and as he was warned the armor possessed him and now is basically Ironvenom.
Bysthedragon's avatar
In the comics Iron man actually DOES make a suit based off the Biology of the Symbiote but it's chrome instead of Red and Gold, and because it's a liquid smart metal it's pretty much his best suit. Image the Liquid Metal Terminator with a telepathic link to a genius billionaire with a big ego and drinking problem, but unlike the Terminator, this suit is able to form complex mechanical structures and adapt for any situation. 
ijul's avatar
wow, thanks for the info::D
what series is this, if i may know? will look for it
Bysthedragon's avatar
Superior Iron Man
ijul's avatar
got it, thanks a lot
Kmon13's avatar
Wow it looks like Stark found and melted Soul Edge into his armor by mistake. 

Wonderful job! 
GenericUsername69Pac's avatar
man if he's anything like pac-man i want him to put his symbiote red goo tentacles up my pachole
B1G-CR1ME's avatar
now I've seen everything
GenericUsername69Pac's avatar
you haven't seen me do it.... yet....
hirozai's avatar
Looks like he also melded with soul edge. Spectacular work.
Druideacht's avatar
where can i get one <_< i wanna wear eet
Etsoree's avatar
Just wait 'till Logan regenerates and kills him.

I wonder how Mjlonir and the shield are broken, though.

That and how Logan's Adamantium is burnt.
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AlexanderProfane's avatar
This is really, really good. 
EarthBlad72's avatar
Looks like Iron man found phyrexia.
Zengxan's avatar
the captain's shield is broken!!!Jordan is shocked 
Peace--Out's avatar
This reminds me a lot of Mark Tedin work. Great Job!
it looks like carnage took control of doctor strange (the eye looks a bit like the eye of agamotto) and then stole an iron man suit - there's a what-if i would read the hell out of
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