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Tylosaurus ft Cretoxyrhina
Honestly this is an old piece, and a massive file, so I thought I'd get it done and posted since 9.5MB doesn't really post well on Discord. I like the effect of the blood as done by the watercolour paints, it looks a bit less solid. Well, here ya go.
I have taken a leave of absence from quite a lot of stuff recently, due in part to my sports playing. A few weeks ago I was in a game of soccer for my local team, and the score was 1-0 for us, because of an excellent cross by myself. Near the end of the first half, I had just sent the ball up, when I lightly collided with 1(?) opponent, and I fell over. I stood up and looked at my left arm, and about an inch below the wrist it was bent 90º to the side. it wasn't a compound fracture, but it was ugly enough for me to need to he hospitalized for the evening for them to cast it. Since, it has been hard for me to do a lot of things, including drawing and typing, as I cannot rotate my left arm at all. I should be able to get back into it soon, but until then you will not hear a lot of stuff from me.


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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
I'm a guy who loves palaeontology, open access, and art. I combine these three things to create openly-license drawings and recreations of extinct organisms.


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