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[CLOSED] Adoptables - Infant Harpies (Auction)

Hey everyone! Just notifying that this auction has closed, thank you all for your lovely comments! For those of you who've obtained the adoptables; I'll be messaging you shortly :heart: Thank you so much for helping these babies find a home!Emoji02:heart: I may create more adoptables in the near future, should the inspiration strike once more~~! Emoji06


:bulletred: I - SOLD 
:bulletred: II - SOLD 
:bulletred: III - SOLD 

Paypal Only

SB: $20
  (Starting Bid)
MR: $5 (Minimum Raise)
AB: $50 (Auto Buy)

Auction end: 16th of December (NZ time.)

Bid on "Bid here" comments which I've posted below :heart: Thank you!

-Adoptable Purchase Details-

Once you win an auction, we'll complete the transaction through note. First the payment (via Paypal) is sorted, and then I'll be sure to send you the full res file of your new adoptable! :thumbsup:
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This is amazing- they remind me of the character from the Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
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this is so fucking amazing 
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Creepy cute. Nice.
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The second one reminds me of the chickens I tried to incubate. They all turned out fine, apart from one, who was hairless and had backwards toes. It was slowly dying, (aside from the normal slowly dying we all experience) couldn’t walk, couldn’t eat, poor thing.... we could do nothing, so at 10 years old I had to kill my own chicken. It was a lesson I won’t forget. Anyways, it’s just the details you have in the harpy is supperrrr cool.
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it looks like the bird from LOZ: twilight princess
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These are so adorable omg I love them so much! Great work!
The second one is my favorite! <3
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They are all so cute! Are there specific types of birds they are based on?
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The first one is a generic duckling, the second isn't of any type specifically but I did use ref of a baby parrot, and the third is of this blue bird I googled x-D…

Thank you! :heart: 
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They look so amazing! It's a wonderful concept!
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Oh my god, i love them!!!Heart 
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I'm so thrilled to see you doing adopts again! All of these are gorgeous; I love the organic shapes and your color choice!
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one looks like a chocobo 
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D'awww! Isn't that the cutest/weirdest thing you've ever seen!? :heart:
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I just want to say the art and idea overall is amazing I would never have thought that a baby harpy could look like this thank you for widening my brain. : ) :sluglove: 
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Damn that’s wicked.
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They are all 100% precious I love them all I need to decide who I have to bid on. XD 
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Ayeeee thank you ! :heart: :iconsokyutplz: My little heart is jumping!
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Hehe, oh what is the minimum bid increment? :)
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Ah! Good question, I wasn't sure what would be the appropriate amount.. I guess I don't mind really! $5 seems fair, I believe? What do you think? Thank you! :heart: 
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