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Hi! Just wanted to pop by and say I adore your art!

Wow!!!!! I'm in love with your work!! Your art has so much character in it! I love how fairy tale-y and ethereal it appears!

Hi! Thanks so much :heart:

Hello ! It is my first time on Deviantart, and I was wondering how could I read your complete masterpiece « Thicker than blood » in order ? I sign up after I saw one page of your work ! Have a good day.

Hi there! :heart: That's very kind of you to ask ( and welcome to Deviant Art!) I'm reluctant to share the comic, since it has all sorts of flaws, but I'd hate to be a party-pooper, and I respect your wish to view it. The comic's available in a scrolling format through this website: https://tapas.io/episode/533053 I hope you can enjoy some of the artwork, at least 😂😅 Thank you again for your lovely comment :heart:

ok ik its cringe to ask but im jealous of your art and character designs,,, what brushes do you use or how do get that watercolor (?) look

also what inspired you to get that kind of look in your art? aa im sorry, i like mustered up a lot of courage to ask and i feel like these are stupid questions idk xd

Oh gosh, not at all! I totally get you, and I appreciate your message :heart:Thanks for taking the time!

I'm basically just a huge fan of the traditional look, though I don't have the courage or resources to work traditionally, so I try to replicate the texture digitally instead. I use Photoshop default brushes that have a low flow, to help with blending. I also have a gritty texture layer, set to overlay, above all layers.

The rest of it is time and practice, with as many references as necessary.

I hope this helps! :heart: