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Dagger Tutorial with household stufs Part 3

By IjiRyushippo
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well kind of I still have to finish the second one.....

Thank you everyone for waiting for this I had a wonderful time and look forward to hearing your feedback and suggestions.

Now here's a list of helpful people online who do amazing tutorials that can expand your knowledge from my basic ramblings XP
*… (resin dyes etc.)
* (relief patterns on stuff)
* And…
There are more but this is it for now.

Tutorial Part 1…
Tutorial Part 2…
Finished Product…


The weapon's in the tutorial, Rem Tokimiya and Final Fantasy type-0 are property of square enix

Sugested places to buy resin supply's (more to come when i find them)
-Riot art and craft (both sell Craft smart liquid gloss)

-Hobby Lobby ('Tripple Thick' a brush on gloss glaze)
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Wow! I wanted to make a seraph blade for my Alec Lightwood cosplay (from Mortal Instruments) and I had absolutely no idea how to do it on a cheap budget. Thanks so much, I'll start making it this weekend XD
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If you want once the costume's done send me a link to a pic of it and i'll link it in the comment's
good luck and shoot me a question if you need any help :D
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Dang, that's a lot of processes to go through. Fortunately the information seems easy to understand and I think all the pictures you provided would help other cosplayers a lot Thumbs Up  One question: How much did the dagger weigh in the end?
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I just saw you also made Rem's daggers too.  AWESOME ^^ 
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Thank you very much :)
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YAY thankyou ^^ I'm really glad.  I'm actually going to make a new set over the holiday's with all the stuff I learnt from making them.

It's really light.  Only about 290grams each

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Wow that looks incredible!  That must have been insanely hard to do!  But it was worth it, great job!  :iconbwavoplz:
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actually it was pretty easy ^^ just time consuming

Thankyou ^v^

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very nice work there. Little suggestion. I know what you mean by the resin. TT.TT I doll craft and resin is a big part of that. But I did find a substitute that I will share with you. Triple Thick. I found it at Hobby Lobby. It's a brush on gloss glaze that does the job. It didn't break my bank (which happens often) But it made me perfect glass eyes. Hope if you try it. It helps you.
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That would be great except I'm in Australia so resin and similar materials are really hard to find. While most of the tutorials I could find while researching for this project were for people in America or people who could afford/justify the shipping cost's so and nobody in Australia seemed to know where to get resin and molding supply's.
I got a flier for a store in Adelade that sell's this kind of thing at Supernova but that's a 12 hour drive at least from my place. Apparently there is a good place in Melbourne I am yet to check out for this sort of stuff.

Thankyou anyway and i'll put that into the comment's for people within range of a Hobby Lobby to check out :)
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Thanks, by the way; "*you're* done".
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woops i'll have to fix that. thankyou
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