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The Lantern by Ijihara The Lantern :iconijihara:Ijihara 0 0 Sleeping Beauty by Ijihara Sleeping Beauty :iconijihara:Ijihara 0 0 The Huntress by Ijihara The Huntress :iconijihara:Ijihara 1 0 The Azure Queen by Ijihara The Azure Queen :iconijihara:Ijihara 1 0 Someone Else by Ijihara Someone Else :iconijihara:Ijihara 2 0 Max Weber by Ijihara Max Weber :iconijihara:Ijihara 1 0 Leviathan by Ijihara Leviathan :iconijihara:Ijihara 1 0 David Nash by Ijihara David Nash :iconijihara:Ijihara 1 0 Ingram by Ijihara Ingram :iconijihara:Ijihara 4 3 Dog by Ijihara Dog :iconijihara:Ijihara 5 3 The Blind, All-Seeing Demoness of My Dreams. by Ijihara The Blind, All-Seeing Demoness of My Dreams. :iconijihara:Ijihara 3 0
Dear Professor,
Let’s drop the professionalism.
I keep asking if you remember me,
Only because sometimes I feel as though I’ve disappeared.
Between the paperwork, the cold calls and missed connections,
Somewhere along the line you want a puzzle piece to fit…
Just once… and it never does.
But you do.
Between traveling, speeches, equations,
And what must be thousands of hours under papers,
You remember the people who actually listened.
You wanted to know the way the world worked,
And so do I.
So do I.
:iconijihara:Ijihara 1 0
(new ver.) Ch. 1 - The Unimaginably Rare Honesty
     Running five miles is considered excessive – running ten requires you to be out of your mind or excessively healthy. Running twenty three, bionic legs or not… well, I’m not sure what you call that. All I knew was that the girl I had seen was very real, and I needed to find her before I forgot again – I couldn’t forget. I needed to remember. I had to.
     Speaking of twenty three miles, running this many can make you realize that three hundred pounds of steel beneath you is a lot of weight – I hurt. I REALLY hurt. I could feel the muscles around my hips ripping as much as the electronics beneath them were melting and actuators surely bursting.
     I finally stopped when there was no more street left to run through – I was at the deteriorated edge of the city. It’s very beautiful in the center, don’t get me wrong. It’s one of the few arcologies that are actually worth living in
:iconijihara:Ijihara 0 4
(old ver.) Ch. 1 - The Unimaginably Rare Honesty
   The man in the burgundy blazer watched from the abandoned rooftop as the heavy legs continued to plod along as they had for so many miles. They continued to run, and run, and run, and run. The actuators in the bionic legs were screeching, spewing steam and evaporated oil and whatever other chemicals they could possibly throw out to fight off the heat threatening to tear them apart. Where they were running to, he had no idea, he only knew that they had been running for a very long time.
   As those monstrously heavy legs reached the edge of the metro level, the man they were attached to stopped, finally reaching the end of the street that stretched for over 20 miles from the park in the center of the city, and looked out at the desert surrounding it. There was a young girl with solid black hair standing beside him, her arms on the railing, looking out at the same spot. She had already been there for some time, it seemed.
   Far behind the two and
:iconijihara:Ijihara 1 9
Line Study by Ijihara Line Study :iconijihara:Ijihara 0 6
If I were to rewrite The Odyssey
It would only consist
Of the journey to tear my eyes
Away from yours
:iconijihara:Ijihara 1 8


Arnold1 With Background by lunavixenxxx Arnold1 With Background :iconlunavixenxxx:lunavixenxxx 3 0 Jeanne by KsanaStankevich Jeanne :iconksanastankevich:KsanaStankevich 1,697 76 quiet calamity by megatruh quiet calamity :iconmegatruh:megatruh 9,413 276 VOCALOID (Camellia) - Megurine Luka by Kamireya551 VOCALOID (Camellia) - Megurine Luka :iconkamireya551:Kamireya551 10 7 Ocean Atlas by parablev Ocean Atlas :iconparablev:parablev 274 17 surge by HEX-CORE surge :iconhex-core:HEX-CORE 13 0 Hexed commission. by HEX-CORE Hexed commission. :iconhex-core:HEX-CORE 14 3
the arsonist
it is what it is.
I want to set that phrase on fire.
Pour some gasoline on each letter
till they reek of volatility 
till they are itching for ignition, for agency
to burn and lick and singe.
I want to catch her mind alight,
each redwood-high issue to smolder
and I want each eye to brighten
like a freshly-stoked furnace
her words to be shot-off sparks
glowing in the night.
for every shrug
I want dynamite to liven
up the shoulders that have
lowered with the eyelids
till the whole body is a half-vision,
my kindle, these half-dreams
and one day I’ll find the match
to set the mind to passion
and she’ll wake up with a woosh,
a wild wonder.
:icon0hgravity:0hgravity 27 22
A Title
Let's test this theory of relation.
if everything makes me think of you,
Do you think of me as your everything?
Undoubtedly the opposite is true.
But if we could imagine us together
Could we together make us imagine?
I've been informed it could happen.
Something tells me she was lying..
Me lying could tell her something.
So I tell her off and go my way
And ignore the hopes that climb.
The hopes ignore the climb.
They race to the top of my heart
With a speed I could never foresee.
Could I foresee the speed of "never"?
It tears from my lips to pierce your soul
But being harsh was never my intention
My intention was never being harsh.
:iconmusicalsilent:musicalsilent 5 10
Summer 12 by soft-h Summer 12 :iconsoft-h:soft-h 1,348 15 Lucid Corrosion by thomaswievegg Lucid Corrosion :iconthomaswievegg:thomaswievegg 878 33
captain of the ship
he rides the waves on my sea
    tames my tempests
:iconarwynrie:ArwynRie 12 9
Her fear she felt flowed through her veins as she saw the orange flames destroy everything she ever loved. They licked their way across her home. Blue eyes danced red as the yellow fire crawled it's way towards her. Her tears mixed honey with her soon to be death maker. She couldn't move as it stalked closer. White burning within it's depths. She could feel the heat flush across her arms and legs as it finally caught her. Her throat dry as everyone rushed out. They left her there to meet Death. It's green heart slowly strangling her with it's power. She had watched her life die quickly as the flames had touched her. Finally a scream tore from her lungs as her last breath. The fire taking it's prey. Her blue eyes dissolving in the fire's heart. It now owned her.
:iconhex-core:HEX-CORE 5 0
She laid in the vibrant grass of yellows and greens as she closed her eyes. The world around her spun softly to not disturb the peaceful afternoon. The clouds carried on their duty of heavenly shade every other beautiful moment of the day. It was breezy and warm as every second past, her breathing steady as she descended deeper into sleep. Basking in the warmth of the golden sun. Her hair laid out around her in looks of watery weeds that the wind blew through lightly to not awake the girl. Her cheeks and nose pinkened from slight sunburn, her lips parted to ease her breathing. The tree above her swayed to the winds dance, fanning her. Everything was peaceful as the girl became one with her surroundings.
:iconhex-core:HEX-CORE 5 6
Eat Carrots, Learn Braille
The issues I mentioned last time may have a more severe cause than I thought. There's minor loss of vision in my right eye, but significant loss in my left. Optic neuritis is the easy-to-spell version of what I likely have, and, in my age bracket, is most likely caused by pressure on the optic nerve by something he called a pseudo-tumor. They want to send me in for an MRI.
A pseudo-tumor is the term they use when something in your head is causing pressure, but they aren't sure what it is. The MRI will be to make sure it isn't something as serious as a tumor. Though I've gotta say, even if it is something like that, I'll feel better just knowing what the cause is. And if I die, I won't have to pay my student loans! :lol:
So, that was my day. Did a bunch of eye tests, got my pupils dilated, learned that it's possible to nu
:iconsilverinkblot:SilverInkblot 1 34
Connect Together by Mikeinel Connect Together :iconmikeinel:Mikeinel 14,627 534


My primary problem with this is that while you've certainly got a very cool idea drawn here - a bioluminescent sea horse is certainly s...

by Dielli

This is great! I like the swirling atmosphere you have created here - it definitely reminds me of some time I spent around a hippie com...


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United States
Transgirl in the middle of nowhere. Pls send civilization

For my latest projects, I have been using second life to draft the shape of an object then I'll paint over it in photoshop. It takes a while, but I like to think its worth the effort. (I know its weird. But as much as I like art, well, forming anything into a recognizable shape with paint is completely lost on me.)


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I gave you a bow tie for your llama.
To thank you for your comment and your words of praise.
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Oh, thanks. :D
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Beautiful art by a beautiful girl.
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Oh. Hi Freya. Its lovely to see you again. Thank you. Can you drop me a message? I'd love to reconnect. I just got out of the hospital and its given me a bit of a different perspective.
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All of the previous comments are made towards me as male when I was known as FunkForTheFunky.


Yeah, I really did have that cringe-worthy of a name, lol.
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Hey you. I exist, no worries.

I've just come up for air after a lot of work/family/life(mostly work taking over my life)-related stuff, but I'm doing OK now.

How have you been?
Clamdiggy Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Like you, work has taken over my life.  But other than that, I'm great!  Glad to hear from you and that you are doing OK :)
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:wave:  How ya doing, Funkiness?  Just stopped by to say 'Hi' :)
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