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This is a winamp skin i put together to go with the Aero glass Craze
also for the new [link] boards, hope they like it....

The EQ is hidden behind the main player as a drawer...
You Must enable Desktop Alpha Blending to it.....

Its Pretty basic in features with a basic PL, ML and Video Screen with the colours and fonts
to match the main player....

most of the buttons are hidden but can be accessed by hovering over them for a clean look to the player..

Thanks to bobmcbobjunior for allowing me to use his dashamp as a base for this creation...
Thanks to deadzombie for sharing his .psd files with me....
Thanks to Stefanka for his creation of the Aero Glass Craze....

Hope Someone finds it usefull and enjoys it as much as i do.....

This is my first skin ever .... so im sure there are imperfections...

© 2004 - 2021 ijaxx
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I've added this skin in an article called The best classy winamp skins which is a part of Over 50 of the best Winamp skins
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I have used this theam sence the realease date , back in the areo forums days, are there any updates or is this puppy a canned deal?
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Hell yes i'm using this one for a long time.
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this should be the most downloaded & faved aero-themed winamp player!

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Hey.. cool skin but it crashes my winamp on startup
Error in gen_ff.dll (modern skin support lib) :(
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Ouch.... problem wasn't in skin.. solved...
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would love to get my hand on the new version that you posted, with the clear edges on the playlist and the alt colors.

since the release, this is the only skin that I sport, and I have received loads of complements from others on campus, they love the style, design & art.

Cant wait
Very nice skin, however if you removed the unnecessary thumbs.db files from the archive you save 400kb (making it just 100kb overall).
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this rox :) :)

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where for 900 kb ? i would need <100 kb for this skin.
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the new one looks better if i can say that :)
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when i get some time i will be updating AeroTune adding a close minimize and changing the volume from seek bar too + - buttons and round buttons..
and adding a progress to the song ticker you can see better with this pic ..
----> [link] <------

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Really awesome :+fav:
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would i be allowed to make some changes o nthis skin? if so let me know... also what program do you use to make your skins?
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very stylish very usable, thats all i could ask for. booyakasha!
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Very smooth. Would be nice with some other colours though ;)
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It's gorgeous and most importantly, even though you can't do fancy skinning on the ML and PL they still fit the main design great. Because that's often a major turnoff for me when that doesn't happen. One tiny issue I've noticed is that my entire playlist is huge so the text at the bottom saying how much of my playlist is selected reaches right up to the 'List' button in the bottomright corner. If this could be fixed, maybe by moving that readout left to accommodate more digits (Sorry, I don't even know if that's possible...) that would be appreciated. Another tiny thing I've noticed is how the play button doesn't seem to have the same slight glow that the other controls do. The rollovers on those buttons aren't the same on them all either ^^;

Still, minor, easily ignored, nitpicks aside this skin rox my sox :D Now I just need to wait for someone to find a way to get that Aero border effect on other apps too!
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One minor issue, when switching from another skin to this one. The equalizer window cannot be closed if it was open in the previous skin.

Good work, otherwise. Especially for a first skin. :clap:
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