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Hope you like her.

Original concept: Masashi Kishimoto/Naruto 

Original artwork by :iconohmydj0nt000:  Lines and Colors by :iconiiyametaii:

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Hinata Hyuga belongs to Naruto  /  masashi Kishimoto
Hinata's suit belongs to Dragon Ball Z   / akira Toriyama
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Too tight around the chest?
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What's ironic is that Vegeta and Hinata are opposites in a lot of ways.
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Naruto and Kurama had the worst case of... nosebleed that day.
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Between us, Naruto was much more innocent than Kurama. But honestly I wonder sometimes if Kishimoto-san have any shame at all? I mean not only Naruto is a Goku ver 1.2. But Boruto is a Gohan ver 1.2?

Sigh, some people base their "protagonist" on someone else too much. Mimicry is a form of flattery? True. Mimicry is bad most of the time? True story.
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What the hell? Never knew she was into tights?
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DAMN!!! She is sexy in that
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Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up 
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That armor look nice on her 
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Vegeta: Naruto, your girl is a keeper
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Naruto*just stares at her*

Vegeta: oh crap I think I broke the two
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Piccolo: you think
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Vegeta: I only ment it as a joke green giant btw where's his rifle. Oh there it is *picks up assult rifle, fires a few rounds*

Naruto/hinata*grabs magnum pistols from there armor*: what happened covenant?

Vegeta: covawhat?

Raku: longs story short they fight alien's that are ugly and a pain in the @$$ to kill

Vegeta: like pick a d!€k over there?

Piccolo: I'm standing right here @$$hole

Vegeta: I know that's why I said it

Raku: you don't have many friends do you?
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Iskandar: I guess he has people who tolerate him
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