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Forma Nova, XP cursor set

I've never created cursors before, so these are my first ones. I've tested these in XP only, so I can't say whether they work in Vista or not.

Suggestions and feedback are very welcome :D

Also thanks to e-sushi for converting the cursors into 24-bit, which allow windows to add a shadow.

Download the 24-bit version here
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Can you make a CursorFX Version :)?
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Thank you. I like it :D
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Cute and colourful! I like it! :love:
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Great work, looks great :D I will use this cursor set on all my systems :)
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Guess I'm late to the party, but these are pretty awesome.
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What really makes this iconset so fun and appealing is the 'candyfrost' touch, really simple and elegant.

Nice work mate! :)-
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These cursors works fine with Windows Vista! No problems!;)

Very nice cursors!
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Hermoso, te felicito.
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Wow - I just ran across these in a google search - I was looking for simple, but nifty, looking cursors... the preview fit what I wanted, so I tried them out. Wow! Amazing =D Good work!
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you kick butt!!! #1 cursor set in ALL TIME!!!
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Works fine with vista. Wonderfull cursors BTW!
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Thanks! I'm using them now. :) Very cute and simple.
Cue, I love the spin things! They work fine on vista.
Oops i meant cute lol
Best f-ing cursor set ever! :) Simple and smooth.
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thank you! I use it :D Wery cute :D
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Very slick looking, but theres no file thats a solitary installer for Cursor XP :(
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