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Aero Blue For Vista

Comments are welcome :P

RS Link.. Need the points lol [link]

Get the Glass version of this here [link]
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All it is doing for me is turning into windows classic instead of aero. What should I do? :/
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Can somebody tell me how to install this?
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You must have patched your files with the uxtheme files and then copy the theme files to C:/Windows/Resources/Themes
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Yeah i googled for that , but i still can't figure it out , how to patch them :/
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1. Login as a user with Administrative privileges -or- have Administrative credentials ready (check under the keyboard for a slip of paper).
2. Navigate to %systemroot%\System32
3. Right-click uxtheme.dll and click properties.
4. Take ownership of the file and close dialogs.
5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for themeui.dll and shsvcs.dll
6. Right-click uxtheme.dll and click properties.
7. Give yourself (or group) Full Control permissions and close dialogs.
8. Repeat steps 6 and 7 for themeui.dll and shsvcs.dll.
9. Rename uxtheme.dll to uxtheme.old.
10. Rename themeui.dll to themeui.old.
11. Rename shsvcs.dll to shsvcs.old.
12. Copy patched files into %systemroot%\System32
13. Reboot (yes, this is really required)

I dont unterstand step 4. and step 7. (my lame english mate :/ )
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It also says:

Step 1b: If you find the above too intimidating, download VistaGlazz and just run it, it automates the whole patching process so you don’t have to worry about it!

VistaGlazz can be found here
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Dude , you read my mind :D That's what I actually done right now!
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Love the theme! The only question I have, is did you use Vista Style Builder to make this theme, and if so, how did you change the clock time to the font that it is at? The font bugs me for some reason. I like Cambria than Trebchet MS better.
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Yes I do :) Erm I've not used it in a while but I'm sure its under taskbar
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Thanks for the help! I found it, and made it look really cool.
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No problem mate xD
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this theme is the best i've ever seen...
really great! but a smaller taskbar would be cool
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could do with full glass please,allround??/:-SUPERB!!!!
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Can i have wallpaper link? :)
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Wallpaper is inside the theme folder. Just download the theme and you will have the wallpaper xD
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I like it!

Now how do you make these things? I want to try lol...
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Take the windows aero theme and modify it lol

I used a mixture of Vista Style Builder and Restorator 2007 :D
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Here is the Glass version xD

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Could you make it so the glass works properly? At the moment it just shows clouds, rather than "true" glass.
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Will redo do if i get the time :P
really like the theme. really really nice.

one thing i dont like tho, is that for the quick launch toolbar only one row of icons comes up unless you make the taskbar bigger(which i dont like). is there any way you could make the taskbar just slightly bigger to included 2 rows of icons.

other than that, me likes YUM YUM!
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