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Queen Lauren Faust Wallpaper

So I found this beautiful vector made by :iconartist-apprentice587: and this is what came out of it.

I have to say, trying to get a cool look for :iconfyre-flye: OC was REALLY hard to get. But eventually I got something that I could work with! :D

Even tho Lauren Faust isn't a real queen, she still is for the show and the fandom! Thanks to her, lot's of people around the world has gotten a better life, others have had a harder time but always held it together.

So if she ever saw this post (which is highly unlikely, since she is busy and can rarely come on dA now), I would say "Thank you for changing my... our life, for the better. I do not know what or where I would have been right now if I didn't have the show to watch".

Keep up the awesome work you do, and so to your husband. You 2 creates some of the most badass but also best cartoon television EVER!

So once again... Thank you Lauren, from the bottom of my heart and up! :heart:


Vector owner: :iconfyre-flye:

Queen Lauren Faust vector created by: :iconartist-apprentice587:
The journey ( Lauren Faust )

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Queen Lauren Faust Wallpaper 1920x1080px

Queen Lauren Faust Wallpaper 2560x1440px


So I just found out that another of my wallpapers made it to EQD's Wallpaper Compilation #129 as number 20. Thank you so much for all the support guys!
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Good combination of the beautiful game of "Journey" and the original creator of MLP (My Little Pony) Lauren Faust.  Beautiful job here!
TheDoodlePony's avatar
The robe is from Journey or right?
ILM126's avatar
The power Faust!
loopiepieguy's avatar
just great,i loved it even if i only played the demo.
MotoNeko's avatar
Okay, everyone has to admit that Lauren Faust as a six winged alicorn is both fitting and amazing.
This design is so majestic and powerful that even Celestia would look like a regular pony in comparrison, Nightmare moon aint stand a chance against this being that is as powerful as she is majestic. just holy cow she's like an upgraded female pony version of Angemon :D
IIThunderboltII's avatar
Yea I agree with you. When I showed this to some of my friend, they were questioning why she had 6 wings. I kept telling them that it looked more awesome and majestic that way. Besides, it's Lauren Faust, she can do whatever she wants with the power she possesses!
MotoNeko's avatar
She was the creator of FIM so why shouldnt she be made this awesome? :D
IIThunderboltII's avatar
I dont know. I love the style!
MotoNeko's avatar
It is a rather charming style, and nothing bad from what ive seen

(until they added Twilicorn =.= other than that then there was that time a pinkie clone morphed her face into a pre-gen pony style)
IIThunderboltII's avatar
I have nothing against Twilicorn. I dont get why people get upset by a character evolving. I mean, there can easily be things she has done that we may havent seen.

Like seriously, it's a character from a show. Shows changes all the time, and some changes had to be made.
MotoNeko's avatar
i cant talk about it. let's just say cartoons arent just cartoons to me.. 
IIThunderboltII's avatar
I know the feeling. For me cartoons are something else than just drawn characters animated to move around, and even tho I wish they were real, I still have to realize that I they aren't. However I can still believe that they do live, just in another universe, and that they don't know anything about us, but that we know everything about them.
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All bow before the All Mother (of G4 ((aka FIM))), bow now all ye mortals and cower in fear all who dare threaten the land of Equestria. The Queen, has returned...
ASCToons's avatar
But she did not create, she developed MLP FiM
IIThunderboltII's avatar
Yea I know, but I didn't like the old version. Really creepy :I
ASCToons's avatar
Which version?
IIThunderboltII's avatar
G3 version. I know Lauren only re-created the show to a better quality and version, but I still take it as creating.
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Oh, but create and develop are very different things
IIThunderboltII's avatar
Not really for me...
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That robe reminds me of Journey. Good work.
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