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I was tagged by both Smoblin (although this interview is a bit longer than the one which she tagged me but it still counts! ) and PHarold


1) Choose 4 of your OCs.
2) Make your OCs answer these questions
3) Tag 3 other people (If you want to, do it. It's too long for me to tag with any seriousness.)
4) Add one question of your own

I chose the happy Anuvar 'family'! :dummy: And that means Laura Ortega, Sanet de Anuvar, Silva Madrigal and Iisjah O'Riley.
Here is their photo just before the interview:

1) Do you want a hug?

Sanet: Always!
Silva: No thank you - a handshake will do.
Laura: A friendly hug won't do you any harm Silva. *hugs him*
Iisjah: Sure thing! *hugs*
Silva: ...
Iisjah: What?
Silva: Iisjah - return that wallet this instant.
Iisjah: Pffft don't give me that look *returns the stolen wallet*

2) Say your age first.
Sanet: I think 204 if I remember my birthday date correctly
Silva:  That would be quite accurate - I remember the old prick party we had.
Sanet: Aaaah yes! But I was turned when I was 34 and I think that counts more!
Silva:  As for me I lived a mostly happy 160 something years - the spoils of alchemist experiments I suppose.
Laura: I myself am 24 although for quite some time now.
Iisjah: I'm 32, I look like I'm 40 and I feel like I'm 90... Ok sometimes.

3) Height?
Sanet A whooping 163 cm because of my short elvish decedents.
Silva: Peoples reaction when they meet you in person never ceases to amuse me. I'm an average height guy - 178 cm and I don't complain.
Laura: Also Sanet remember - it's not the size that counts! Iisjah - it's about you too
Iisjah: Thank you Laura - most caring of you...
Laura: Pleasure! As for the height - I'm 174 so nothing thrilling here.
Iisjah: Do we really have to talk about height? I'm too short, that's for certain. What is 197 cm for an Islander? My 100 year old grandma is taller than me!
Laura: Complexes much?

4) Are you a virgin?
Sanet: Is that a serious question? I wouldn't be the sex icon of Arwa Turis if I was!
Silva: Can't argue with that logic! I'm not, although I still find that somewhat surprising, being a mut...
Sanet: Stop talking like that, there is nothing wrong with you and you should get that into your thick head finally.
Silva: I know I know.
Laura: As we all live or lived in casa de Sanet at some point of our lives it's a safe guess that we all aren't. His lifestyle rubs on a person.
Iisjah: Truth. Plus I have kids and they do not exactly sprout from the ground!

5) Do you have any kids?
Iisjah: As I said before, yes, I have two. They live with their mother but I try to see them as often as I can.
Laura: I don't know how you can put up with those noisy imps.
Iisjah: Because they are mine noisy imps.
Laura: Anyway, I never really felt the urge to have any. Not that it matters now as vampires, with the exception of Iisjah and his ridiculous powers, can't really have children.
Sanet: Unfortunately. And I really don't know if I had any...slip-ups...when I was younger and still living - no one ever confronted me with anything.
Silva: And I prefer to not tempt the fates. I don't know if I'm sterile or if the mutation would pass onto my offspring - I won't take no chances.

6) What is your favorite food or drink?
Laura: Blood of course.
Sanet: Blood also - we really don't have a large choice in that matter.
Silva: I'll settle for a tasty salad thank you.
Iisjah: Tea and biscuits!

7) Have you killed anyone?
Sanet: When I was young I killed someone in the fencing tournament we had. By accident but a death is still a death.
Silva: When I was a child I killed the one who made me the way I am now.
Laura: No, no one.
Iisjah: Seems like I'm the scumbag of the lot here. Killed many people, although mostly in self defense.

8) Do you hate anyone?
Sanet: I try not to hate anyone but there is one person on my list - my master Hector Durand. He did something despicable and I will never forgive him for it.
Silva: My maker, although it's a hate long avenged. I also don't trust people - they can be too cruel to those undeserving such hate.
Laura: That crazy cleaning lady at the theater. She's just aching to get my place in the choir! She wants to destroy me! I'm sure she double pastes the floor before our change rooms on purpose! And the list just starts...
Iisjah: Ok ok we know - so many people want to see your great downfall!
Laura: You have no idea!
Iisjah: Anyway...I hate pretentious rich people. And Charles. Especially Charles...pernicious rich bastard.  

9) Do you love anyone?
Sanet: Loved so many in the past, and I will in the future. Of course I love those guys here too!
Silva: Sanet of course. He's a friend and closest thing to a brother I had.
Laura: Sanet and only him.
Iisjah: My kids, my family and my ma! Oh, and myself because who will if I won't.

10) What is your job?

Sanet: I try to divide my time between my political career, my leather factory and my writing.
Silva: Ha lucky I'm there to oversee the factory when you 'divide' your time or it would go into ruin - you're bad at multitasking.
Sanet: Not THAT bad.
Silva: Besides caring for the factory I am also the majordomo of the house. Someones got to keep everything organized.
Laura: And I am a theater actress and a choir girl at the City Theater.
Iisjah but I still sing better than you...
Laura: ...As I said a choir girl. But I aim much higher than this!
Iisjah: All of them? Ok let's see. I'm a courier and an editor's assistant in a newspaper agency, I'm a thief, a babysitter with body guard duties and a dad.

11) What is your favourite season?
Sanet: Spring - the new fresh air and the feeling of change and energy - love it.
Silva: I prefer fall.
Laura: Summer definitely - other seasons are too cold for me.
Iisjah: Summer also - love the summer sea breeze, and I save on coal!

12) Who's your best friend?

Sanet: Silva no doubt about it!
Silva: Likewise *smile*
Laura: Jane Ferguson. She was the first woman vampire that made an effort to know me.
Iisjah: I am my best friend!  Also that fatty bastard Oscar! *laugh*

13) Do you have any hobbies?

Sanet: A bit of alchemy, a bit of fencing, lot of writing and studies but mostly parties and love making!
Silva: Going to the theater but first and foremost painting.
Laura: Swimming. I loved to swim in the sea s a child. Of course now I have to settle for pools.
Iisjah: I am a rare porcelain tea cup collector.
Sanet: Really? I never saw it!
Iisjah: Well I keep it hidden and I only have 6 at the moment - but each of those six is one of a kind and priceless.
Silva: Stolen?
Iisjah: Mostly - I actually bought two of them on my own.

14) What are you going to do when this tag is over?

Sanet: Go finish up a speech I'm working on. And maybe meditate a bit - care to join?
Silva: No thanks - I get cramps sitting in that awful position and you know it! Besides I have a portrait to finish - the paints should dried up by now.
Laura: I have an appointment with my hairdresser.
Iisjah: I think that no one wants anything from me so...sleep!

15) What is your eye color?

Sanet: Very light blue.
Silva: Orange...
Laura: Dark brown.
Iisjah: Green although the right one turned that awful milky white-blue because of that stinkin' leukoma.

16) Are you good or bad?

Sanet: Depends if you are liberal of conservative *laughs* But no -  good is what I am!
Silva: Good I guess .
Laura: Good with an edgy side!
Iisjah: And I would have to say morally questionable.

17) Does your name have a special meaning?

Sanet: It's my great grandfathers name.
Silva: If my does I don't know it.
Laura: It was a fashionable name at the time I think.
Iisjah: My ma actually got a seer for me and my siblings to get us good fitting names. Iisjah means 'the laughing one'. And my second name..
Sanet: You have  second name? Why didn't you tell!
Iisjah: Well it's Jeff. Iisjah Jeff O'Riley. The name belonged to my mothers fathers brothers cousin twice removed. I was said he was a barrel maker and a really neat guy... Exciting!

18) What do you think of your parents?

Sanet: I prefer not to talk about them. They betrayed me and that's that. Even if they did pay for it dearly. Never wished that fate upon them but it doesn't negate their actions.
Silva: I never knew them - I don't even know if they existed per se.
Laura: They were normal. We had fights like any other family, but nothing serious. My mum will actually be turning 108 soon - I should go visit her.
Iisjah: Love them both. Even though my father tends to be disappointed by me most of the time...

19) Do you have any siblings?

Sanet: I had a sister long time ago.
Silva: Could we stop the family questions? No - I don't have any.
Laura: I have three sisters although I haven't seen them in a while. Need to visit my old home town someday.
Iisjah: Too many..Silva - you can have some!
Silva: I think I'll pass.
Iisjah:  *haha* anyways I have four sisters and five brothers. Combined with all the nephews and nieces I have we make quite the army!

20) Straight, gay or equal opportunity?

Sanet: I would be a fool to stick to only half the experience! Besides every person is beautiful no matter the gender or any other physical trait. I think pansexual is what I would be classified as *smile*
Silva: Than it makes me a fool but I prefer women, at least I would but I don't get many occasions..
Laura: Looks like we both, um about being straight I mean! - Sanet how you can stand us!?
Sanet: I manage - but I will turn you to the dark side, mark my words!
Iisjah: Bah!
Sanet: Oh come on Iisjah you know I can *grin*
Iisjah: Yeaaaaah, kinda - I looked up some info and apparently I'm what you would call a heteroflexible guy...who new! As in I like women but stuff sometimes happens so yeah...
Sanet: Shush - you like it and you know it *even wider grin*

21) How do you feel about your creator?

Sanet: She finally should understand that I also wear other colours than pink! But nooo, I love her nonetheless!
Silva: I would only wish she paid a little more attention to me.
Laura: Likewise although you got the shorter end of the stick.
Iisjah: I love her of course but I'm afraid that what she will do next! My biggest wish is that she won't get back to the scary years!
Sanet: Oh yes you and me both!

22) Any last words?

Sanet: It was fun!
Laura: True beauty never dies?
Iisjah: Let's not panic - we'll get out of heaargaha... or live long and prosper!
Silva: Than maybe - there is another Skywalker?
Iisjah: Your getting it Silva! Or a classic maybe? I'm melting!

23) Do you live with anyone else?

Sanet: Silva and Laura mostly.
Silva: Well Sanet answered it I think. I even have  a separate room as opposed to the open space his loft is. I like my privacy. Laura shares a bed with him, but how she fits there sometimes is beyond me.
Laura: Some elbow work, knee kicks and shoves to the side and I'm in.  And, well, I have a room of my own too, but that's just for stuff.
Iisjah: I live alone with my rat mostly. Unless my kids or my niece drop by.

24) Do you have any scars?

*Iisjah runs out of the room*
Sanet: Yes, luckily mostly old and faded. I cover those up with some foundation, keeps people from asking tiring questions.
Silva: Unfortunately yes - but mine are, as  Sanets, old and faded.
Laura: None and I mean to keep it that way!
*Iisjah returns wearing a cape* nananananananananana Scar Maan, Scar Maaaan nananananananna SCAR MAAAAAN! I believe that answers that question!

25) Did you ever steal something?

Sanet: Only beautiful art I cannot buy. The nerve of some of those people - holding such beautiful works of art hidden away - it should be a crime!
Silva: I stole food when I was little - that's how they caught me to the circus too.
Laura: Makeup. And clothes. The theater has enough of them as it is!
Iisjah: ...Steal? What are you talking about - such an unjust and atrocious thing! *snort*

26) Have you ever had your heart broken?

Sanet: Certainly - it is a part of life!
Silva: Never - I rarely let anyone so close that they actually could and I trust that Sanet won't do such a thing.
Laura: I never had my heart broken - I break them - it's a womans duty!
Iisjah: Are we just talking about love? If not than yes - when I learned that vampires cannot sai on the seas. I was quite heart broken then.

27) Any plans for the future?

Sanet: End the poverty and hunger on earth and...
Sanet:What did I say?
Laura: Oh nothing nothing! *chuckles* anyway - I would like to become a great diva! With all eyes turned on me!
Silva: I just want to leave a peaceful and happy life.
Iisjah: I tend to not plan ahead of time.

28)  Do you fear anything? If yes, what do you fear?

Sanet: I fear closed spaces - that's why I live in a giant open space loft -  and loneliness.
Silva: Needles and doctors.
Laura: Injury, ok not injury alone, but bruising and scars. Also I fear of loosing my voice.
Iisjah: Owls and blindness.

29) How do you feel about each other?

Sanet: Love them all. Silva is the best friend I will ever have, Laura brightens my days and Iisjah even if a bit irritating at times is full of energy and life. And I of course love myself too - a healthy trait I think..
Silva: Sanet - he's like a brother and a friend to me - the only person I will fully and unquestionably trust. Laura - well we have our differences but in the end she's like a little, unruly sister. On top of that she's the only women I can freely talk to without feeling uneasy. And Iisjah - well he was an irritating youngster as Sanet said - but I guess he's not that bad. As for love for myself - not sure if I feel it Sanet. It's more of a feeling on insecurity than anything else.
Laura: Sanet I love - he's the main man in my life. Silva - he's like a brother to me - a wiser and a bit stiff brother. And Iisjah is just infuriating most of the time!
Iisjah: Likewise! Ok so we covered Laura. Sanet - we had our differences in the past - he's much more irritating than he seems to know! But all that's in the past - he's sort of like a weird, extravagant uncle for me, and a mentor when it comes to some things. Silva - well, he's a real pain in the hypothetical ass - always trying to correct me with those 'sit straight, don't use this fork, don't slouch'  advices. He's worse than Ma too.

30) What kind(s) of music do you like to listen to (let's do the dimension time warp here)?

Sanet: Musicals! And favourite musicians? Cher, Celine Dion, Abba .
Silva: I love the sound of acoustic guitar.
Laura: Some nice energetic pop!
Iisjah: Oldschool metal and rock 'n roll music. Also shanties.

31) Is there anything you want to say to someone?

Sanet: Party tonight at my house!
Silva: No, I don't think so.
Sanet: *stare*
Silva: I didn't mean the party (although nothing is prepare and we are out of food and wine...)
Laura: Emily I know you've taken my leather sandals! I want them back!
Iisjah: Urard - I won't be able to take Cassandra for the weekend!

32) Well, what's the best thing of being... Well, yourselves?

Sanet: That I have the means to help so many people.
Silva: Umm eeh I guess I love that I can paint- I can make the world a prettier place to live in.
Laura: Being myself of course!
Iisjah: I'm a decent dad or so I was told.

33) Would you put your life on the line for anyone here?

Sanet: For someone close - yes. And certainly for those three (yes even Iisjah)
Silva: I will just say after Sanet - for someone close I'm willing to jump into fire.
Laura: I...really don't know - never had to and I don't know if I have it inside me.
Iisjah: Depends on many many things. I wouldn't want my children to be left without a father, but it would really depend on the situation.

34) Your Hometown?
Sanet: A little town of Anuvar near the border of my home country of Ryog.
Silva:  I don't really remember the name of the town - I was too young to care and when I was caught we traveled a lot.
Laura: Ryog as Sanet - although I'm from from a small coastal town.
Iisjah: Born and raised in Arwa Turis and proud of it!

35) First word that comes to mind! Go!

Sanet: Popsicles!
Silva: Furry legs?
Laura: I hope not mine! *checks her legs*
Silva: No, don't worry! *laughs*
Iisjah: Tea leaf! I need some of those- I'm perched!

Hope I didn't bore you to death xD



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What a cool idea! Well done! If your ever up for some rp let me know.