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Lights above the Arby's (episode 25)

[...] But here, Carlos and I sat on the trunk of that car, his car, looking together at the lights up in the sky above the Arby’s.
They were beautiful in the hushed twilight, shimmering in a night sky already coming alive with bits of the universe.  
One year later.  One year since he arrived.  
He put his hand on my knee and said nothing, and I knew what he meant.  
I felt the same.  
I leaned my head on his shoulder.  
We understand the lights.  We understand the lights above the Arby’s.  
We understand so much.  But the sky behind those lights - mostly void, partially stars?  
That sky reminds us we don’t understand even more. 

Discovered Welcome to Night Vale. And I love it. it.  The eerie Twilight Zone atmosphere, the dark humor and the characters. Cecil is so adorably dorky but haunting at the same time and Carlos with his perfect hair. What can I say - the romance is quite perfect.

So here - have my interpretation of episode 25. Hope I didn't ruin anything for anyone.

I hope you'll like my interpretation of the characters x3 Cecil in particular (because ..Carlos is perfect and I'm sure you will like him - he's perfect after all) - third eye for seeing things that are happening now (because it's a good reason of how he can see what's happening across Night Vale all the time) and no fashion sense at all :3

The city below is of course Night Vale - with some of the recognizable places - the Dog Park with dark obsidian walls (don't go into the dog park), the Thispering Forest, the Brownstone Spire, Mission Grove Park, the Night Vale radio station and tower of course and more with the view on the Sand Wastes and Radon Canyon.

The planet - although not included in the episode, is there...or isn't it? Maybe it doesn't exist? Or maybe it does and it grows closer and closer... That dark planet planet of awesome size, lit by no sun.  An invisible titan, all thick black forest and jagged mountains and deep turbulent oceans.  It was so far away, so desolate, and so impossibly, terrifyingly dark...

The description of the planet in episode 13 first inspired me to draw the fanart...but then episode 25 happened. So I merged the two episodes a bit.

Phew ok I could go on and on! xDD Have any questions? Please ask them x3

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art © Natalia Komuniewska
Welcome to Night Vale, Cecil, Carlos © produced by Commonplace Books and written by Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor, narrated by Cecil Baldwin
Hear the episodes here… (for example x3)
textures by lassekorsgaard…
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This is absolutely gorgeous.
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Thank you! :3
MrKiwiz46's avatar
You're welcome!
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Aaaaaaah this is totally beautiful~!
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Foxy-Knight's avatar
The colours add to the peaceful mood, and make it all look so lovely
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Thank you so much x3 The palette was tricky to figure out but when I did it clicked :D
Hermesr0128's avatar
Wow, amazing. I love the colors, tone, contrast, characters, and just the style in general. I hope you're a professional artist, because if not, you should be.
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(sorry for the late reply!)

Thank you so much!
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oh... sweet scene!
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(sorry for the late reply!)

Thank you!
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Oh my god, this is amazing!!!! I think I found my new background!
iisjah's avatar
Whee! xDD Thank you!
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ooooh my god your use of colours here are beautiful, i'm really digging the composition too just uGH i love everything about this!!
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Thank you so much! <3
ChaosOfGods's avatar
Interesting work.  Really unique in style.
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Thank you :3
LordKuroiClockwork's avatar
And my scream upon seeing them gem of artwork was heard from here to the windmills of desert  bluffs 
iisjah's avatar
Thank you so much!
(and let's hope the screams will cause them to go deaf - fuck desert bluffs xD)
LordKuroiClockwork's avatar
Oh yes Indeed Lets

Desert bluffs is such a horrible terrible awful just completely vile place 
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